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  1. Hey there guys, Fave here, and today, we're gonna be talking about why I joined the MAP community.





    I prefer to be called master

    1. sillkent


      uhm you forgot to change the password

    2. sillkent


      daxxxy was here lololol

  2. I remember back in TBOGT you blew up a crane. And also after some missions in IV, like when you blew up that car thing in Bohan or when your first safehouse got burned down, it stayed that way for the rest of the game.
  3. I do like the photo idea. A even better thing to add to it is ingame video. Upload directly to YouTube or the social club.
  4. I thought of something awesome. I get a huge group of people, get 6 stars and all their cars will be on my trailer. I'm driving down the highway and they're all shooting the cops.
  5. I mean at GameStop they sell stuff like tiger woods 09 for acouple of bucks. I'm like why not?
  6. Damn right, and then it gives you a huge wanted level when you walk in.
  7. I want them to get rid of the grenade launchers. They're shit
  8. Surprised nobody made a thread about this yet. I love The Walking Dead mostly because there's a trillion different endings #exaggeration.
  9. I somehow ended up with a Windows Phone. But I am an achievement hunter. So whenever there's a free game, i grind it. The only mobile games i've ever paid for is Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds