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  1. So. . . Does anyone else play MW3? Or am I the only one around here.
  2. @Cy. Fucking love that pendulum tune. Haven't heard it for a while, thanks.
  3. Could of been worse. He could of said maybe the black one is for the rapist aids ridden honky, and the white ones for the normal people That's ain't really a corny joke, just moronic racism.
  4. Well Handsome B, I didn't expect that result whatsoever. Good contest dude.

  5. Massacre, do you have a beard? like.... Bones or similar?.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      he does, i've seen it... he just knows its inferior so he doesn't bother...

  6. Crazee


    Mass, I'm a complete Fallout junkie atm, and anything I don't know on a certain part of the game when I come across it irritates the fuck out of me so much that I have to search the wiki for more info. So I want as much info as I can get, just give me a reason to feed man. Cos even though I'm not new to Fallout, I'm new actually paying attention and knowing the history of it all and the Fallout Universe as a whole. So if you wanted to share, I'd at least read it. . . just to give me an excuse to learn more.
  7. Oasis every day of the week, except on Wednesday. . . . when i get rudely awaken by the dustmen. Beady Eye or High Flying Birds?
  8. Blur - Song 2 or Bjork - Army Of Me Or it'd be Pixies - Where Is My Mind. Guessing we ain't aloud more than 2 vids in one post. Edit: Or Prodigy - Breathe. Damnit!!! I canny chooose. . .
  9. If anyone liked the first one (of the good Walking Dead game), they've just released a DLC for it on PSN (£3.99, i think), called 400 days, which will be linked to season two when it comes out. Played through it in about an hour and a half. I loved the first season and this is just more of the same, and yes, your decisions will influence the game, especially when season two comes out.
  10. Crazee


    Hold on, there's a Primm pass. O_O *falloutwikis* Ho lee shit! I've only put 200+ hours into this game, exploring everything i could. . . . . Well then. *puts Fallout back on* Edit: "oh a cave. . . . Ah fuck!!"
  11. Crazee


    Yeah, go left, Cazadors, go right, Nightkin, and down the center, Deathclaws. Otherwise quickest way is through hidden valley and through a pass with Giant Radscopians. Anyone would think they've put them there strategically to force you to take the long way round. . .
  12. Or maybe, they have a certain amount of days to get a certain amount of cash for some sort of deadline, there might be a reason why they have to do so many heists. Or maybe, you have to play a certain amount of single player days before you can play online. <----- Doubtful. Or maybe that many game days until you can customize your online character. To me, it's obvious it's something to do with the 4th character you can play, which is connect to your online play I believe, i'm not up together with the facts on that and maybe I've missed something. Maybe there's a 4th protagonist, again doubtful.
  13. They'll look better on the PS4 version. They might of looked better in the 1st trailer cos it was in the initial stages of map making, and then realize they had to cut the quality of certain graphics to keep the game from over loading and giving lag while the map loads from one area to another?? I'm guessing, but makes sense to me.
  14. You use google to find out shit. Holy fuck dude!! When they bring out that feature. . . Honestly, I thought you might of been properly into your instruments.
  15. I doubt they'd put a good game into a crap one, that'd be like putting Fallout into a Wolfenstein game. I meant that rockstar could end up putting their own spin on versions of different game genres into a GTA game. They've already got Tiger woods, Virtual Tennis, and Tour da France, sorted.
  16. To be fair, it looks better than Tiger woods. Plus if you lose, you get to shot your opponent and take your winnings. I wonder if eventually GTA will turn into a game full of every other type of game you can get. Go to a in-game console and play a multiplayer FPS COD like with everyone else on the rockstar network. Or go to a stadium and play a FIFA type game, or other types of team sports games. You'd never need to buy any other game but GTA if they did it with enough quality.
  17. Wow, i really like the whole characters go about their normal lives thing, wonder if there are any times when you can't switch away from a character, like running away from cops. But if you can, what happens to the character you left, will be interesting to play around with that. How clever will the CPU be on that side of thing, can see it being glitchy at time, cant what to find out.
  18. Bones, how'd you know that shit. o_O
  19. Pretty cool, got skill, boy seems to have too much time on his hands though. They all take me back, good times. Hope rockstar one day make another 80's GTA. Has that guy done for this fitty? That would be awesomeness.
  20. It's been that long? Damn. And yeah Bronson, as far as American films go, the Chucky films are crap, but you take them for what they are, low budget films with terrible acting. if it was British made, it'd be acceptable cos we're pretty shit at making films, unless your name is Danny Boyle. Doesn't mean I love them any less, my scare tolerance is pretty much down to watching the first 3 when little, those and "IT". Also the fact that my mums bought an almost full sized Chucky doll when i was 6 or 7 and left it in different places around the house every other day or so, the bitch Anyway, when it's out Bronson?
  21. FINALLY!!! And yeah, you watch them now, and they're shit, and not scary in the slightest. When your 4 years old watching them though back in the day, it scares the shit out of you lol. Think the second and third got banned in the UK for a while. The movie will probably be as bad as all the others, but I will still be buying this, cos Chucky's the boi!
  22. Ah man we have to wait till the 7th of September for gameplay footage.