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  1. Thanks you guys! I very much appreciate the feedback. I wonder if anyone at R* has seen it.
  2. I personally love taking it slow between missions, a lot of role playing, driving slow yet always finding myself getting into trouble. For me it is more rewarding to discover the city and learn it's layout. I also like the public transportation as it doesn't break my immersion as much.
  3. Hell yeah man! Glad you checked it out and like it.
  4. I have thought about this and am clueless. I think I will be switching a lot. In San Andreas I would dress up in a suit and role play a high roller in a nice car (Michael) mostly in LV. Other times I would role play the gangster aspect in thug clothes and lowriders in the ghettos of LS (Franklin).. And yes, I got the rural clothes from that country girlfriend and would wear overalls with cowboy hat while I did Semi Trucking missions along the countryside.. Each lifestyle I would role play would have its own perfect radio station. I think I will be able to achieve this 10X better in GTA V.. Now I can actually play the game and experience the city in each walk of life. Can't Wait!
  5. Fixed the link in original post. Thanks again, feedback is much appreciated! Didnt try to voice act any of them, just rhymed each verse is my usual vocal style. And the heads are the result of my quick animating animating style. Thanks for checking it out, i greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hello.. this is my rap and animation I made.. I hope that works.. I'm on mobile or else I would try and embed. Thanks!