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  1. OMG! You guys are still alive!!! *hugs*

  2. do you like parties? yeahhhh.... we can invite all our friends, and have soda and pie. Yeah!!

    1. Brian


      Pizza pie? I know a place that makes the best pies around here.

  3. Gunny, i'm still alive you silly bean!

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    2. Crazee


      ... :-o

      Brain, DuPz did.

    3. Crazee


      and Gunny ill never be on as much until they announce the next GTA then i'll live here for two years again like before. This is my home for GTA news, but R* cocked up so much with GTAO at the start it killed the whole game for me unfortunately.

  4. Crazee


    Just noticed on the PSN store that the NV DLC's have had their prices slashed by half, and if you're a PS Plus member the dlc bundle is £10.79 atm.
  5. Whats going on with the chat room? Says theres to many in there when theres none. :(

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    2. Brian


      At least AIM up keeps their service >_>

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      see?? it's a win win then...

    4. Beep


      What's the point, you're a honky anyway

  6. Crazee


    Quick question, one i'm ashamed not to no the answer to already but the situations never come up before now. Started playing NV again on the PS3, got one of the DLC's but want to get the others. They're £8 each on the PSN store which imo is ridiculous so had a look online for the ultimate edition and it's cheaper even with already paying for one of the DLC's. My question is, will the saved games on the original copy work on a ultimate edition copy?
  7. So. . . Friends list disapearro. . . anyone else on here had the same problem.

  8. Whats this i here about players getting 200,000? And wheres mine!

    1. Rayge


      $500,000* Sometime next week

    2. PHX DaKoTa A3

      PHX DaKoTa A3

      250,000 end of this coming week with a further 250,000 at the end of the month.

  9. Do it on a friend or relative's iphone, that's what I did. Good thinking Batman.
  10. O_o You saying it's unreasonable to have to drive to a location, in a game which is predominately, a driving game.
  11. Soooo. . . . . If my phone is shit and outdated, how can i can the ifruit app thing to get my custom plate? Without getting a new phone
  12. Yeah, back out of the text, drive in one direction for a few seconds, then check back on the text to see if you're any closer as the distance will change, if you are closer you know you're heading in the right direction and you can repeat this process until your hearts content, and when you start the mission you'll end up as near your destination as you want. Thats the simplest way anyway.
  13. And the hackers are in already, took 4 shotgun rounds at close range and didn't leave a mark, that, and his golden minigun. Shame.

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    2. Crazee


      It took far more than 8 seconds from seeing him on the map to him pulling the trigger.

    3. Brian


      Glitches happen too, email R* if you're so determined there are hackers.

    4. Crazee


      Nah, they've obviously just got to rank 120 already. . . >_>

  14. Whats going on with the online stock market, is it ever gonna work or do you have to rank up so far before it gets unlocked?

  15. ^ ^ I SOOooo do not do that.