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  1. CaPn bOnEs

    Uncharted Series

    oh my gawd you guys!! you gotta watch this!! nathan fillion, stephen lang... drake, sully... too bad embedding still doesn't work, but they made a mini movie! it's everything i could ever ask for with an uncharted adaptation... and to be honest, this would play out quite well as a netflix series verses an actual movie, that will get panned by fans and critics... i think it's time they try the TV series approach... and this totally works as one... you gotta check it out if you're an uncharted fan!
  2. CaPn bOnEs


    yea they said the microtransactions are all esthetics, not upgrades or more powerful items... and to be honest, i have found all of their DLC to be modestly priced... then again, i got all of fallout 4's for $30, and that was quite frankly a steal as i would of paid that just for far harbor... so i am very curious about their post launch content as they said their first priority will be stabilizing the online experience... then comes the DLC, which if their projections are correct, we'll be seeing a whole lot of additional quests and stuff to keep us from getting bored... i got faith, too... i am not ready to abandon this project of theirs yet, because i haven't even played it yet... and even the beta will be stripped down of probably most of the story content and nukes... so even with the beta, i probably won't get a good feel for the game...
  3. CaPn bOnEs


    well GTAV has taken our money, twice, and their online is still broken 5 years later... like i said, i am fine with the approach, and i know others aren't... bethesda has never made an online game of this scale, so i would assume there will be issues... and my hope is they figure it out or else no one will be playing it next year, and years to come as they have stated they will be supporting it for many years...
  4. CaPn bOnEs


    the fact they're willing to jump in without a paddle and figure it out is encouraging, and definitely a huge learning experience... i guess i am willing to be the test dummy, so long as the game is still enjoyable outside of the funny stuff... if griefing is a problem, then i am gonna have a problem too... it will need to be addressed... the rest tho? i am not too bothered if there's quest breaking glitches or weird pop-ins... frame rate will be a concern, but i thought todd said this is running on a brand new engine?? let me go back to the E3 presser... ok he said that it runs on brand new rendering, lighting, and landscape tech, allowing 16x the amount of detail... which means if they didn't figure out their frame rate issues going forward, this will nearly cripple it ... and something that happens in GTAO is others can slow down the frame rate, and if they have a shit connection, it effects the rest of us... i can see it already, people with lag switches collecting bounties...
  5. CaPn bOnEs


    welp, i hate to burst your bubble, viceman...
  6. CaPn bOnEs

    iGTA Night - July 3 (PS4)

    dunno when i'll get to my snaps... here's a selfie of forgot i took lols...
  7. CaPn bOnEs


    it's like you want this to fail lol ...
  8. CaPn bOnEs


    i have no clue, and no one knows when it is, how how long it will last either... lol we really just don't know much about this game...
  9. CaPn bOnEs


    i still haven't received confirmation that i'm in or not... others have... perhaps it's because i didn't register immediately like others did and it took me a couple weeks to do it lol...
  10. CaPn bOnEs


    fallout online... as simple as that... a branch off, as i have mentioned before, but still maintaining it's single player core for other future games in the series... elder scrolls online did it, and it seems to now be a great success, and they're still going to release part 6 as a single player adventure... so, you can do both... i said fallout 76 was the testing grounds for an online fallout, and if they get it right, we'll be seeing both single player games and online games in this series... bethesda said they'd never abandon single player, so let's not think zenimax wants to either... now granted, if every kid and adult buys the latest skins then it will surely make zenimax think long and hard about what could happen... and if they agree, then i guess bethesda will join the very very long list of publishers that have come face to face of what is reality... online microtransactions work, because people actually buy them... the gaming landscape has, and will forever be changed by miscrotransactions... because people really do buy them!
  11. CaPn bOnEs


    todd howard apparently said fallout 5 will return to single player, and i am sure that project is at least 5 years away... fallout 76 was an idea that he and the studio thought fans of the series would have fun with... so apparently this won't be the new direction for the series, just something different for the fans to enjoy and explore while they focus on other games in their studio... it sounds like the new studio they picked up in austin texas has been handling the bulk of the work... similar to how they let obisdian work on new vegas so they could put their efforts into skyrim... i'm imagining that they're doing the same here so they can stay focused on starfield and TES6... only just recently announcing the acquisition was probably a smart move on their part to throw off the scent of them working on fallout and ruin the giant surprise that shocked us all...
  12. CaPn bOnEs

    iGTA Night - June 26 (PS4)
  13. CaPn bOnEs

    GTAO DLC Topic

  14. CaPn bOnEs


    well, the wasteland is unforgiving... always has been...
  15. CaPn bOnEs

    RDR2 Trailer #2

    again, i don't quite see it... maybe in the face, sorta, but that is not his voice... unless he's a good voice actor... i think will arnet could even pull it off lol... lol a year later and yet no one's called it out like they did with ned luke's moved here for the weather spot ...