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  1. Yes, but which one? Nobody knows. . . .
    1. Qdeathstar


      Sounds good to me.

    2. DuPz0r


      Must have been about 5 years since out last sig comp... I'm Game.

  2. I'd take theme suggestions, but GTAV theme for the final for sure. If there's more than one round though I don't want people getting bored of the same theme, plus maybe if the mods and fitty are feeling nice, *they might put the winning Sig on the front page. *(to be confirmed)
  3. I actually stuck with MW3, bought BLOPS2 on release day, played it about 4 or 5 times online, then went back to MW3, haven't actually played BLOPS since, think it's gathering dust somewhere, just didn't have the same feel to it like MW3 does, I know it's different developers and all, but BLOPS was a slight step back in my book if you want to compare the two.
  4. iGTA5 Sig Competition 2013 Sign up now Anyone interested in competing please post saying so below. Competitors will have to come up with an original Signature that they've made themselves. Other members will then be able to vote for their favorite one in a vote off. Depending on the number of participants, there will be either multiple rounds, or one final fought between everyone competing. *winners will get to see a free video of Mercy & gtagrl being "friendly". *(to be confimed, by consent.) Plus you get to show off your skills. Contestants list: QD DupZ Gtagrl Bones Gunny Tree Fitty Charles ? Rules: (work in process) Signatures should be no larger than 550x250px, and should not exceed 300kb in file size
  5. COD aye. MW3 or BLOPS2, honkys round here don't like COD unless it's in batter with chips and mushy peas. That's why I never knew of it, was a modders site then?
  6. There were GTA3 days?!!? Ahhhh, it's like talking to a really old guy about when he fought in the trenches in WW2. You're a proper Vet. Respect pops.
  7. ^ lol, so did i at first to be fair, the geordie has been gone for a while now.
  8. Bronson thinks you're just being a noob. For once he's wrong. I'm new(ish), but i'm guessing you're a veteran to the forum. Welcome back. ??
  9. Should post here Prime
  10. North Korea's nuclear bombs don't seem to be that powerful. >_>

  11. It's Sun Tzu, not "zu". Just saying. Pretty cool though, good job.
  12. I actually got this recommended to me and I was skeptical because i hadn't heard of it when it was out at the cinemas, and horrors take a lot to impress me as they all generally have the same plot and crap acting (just watched Chernobyl Diaries, don't bother, it's a pile of wank mixed up with some sawdust). Anyway I would recommend Sinister, It's a clever psychologically horror, but for me it was the film score, it threw me off a couple of times on when something was going to happen, one minute it would be at a stereotypical horror movie moment, the next it wouldn't, Funniest thing was my misses came home halfway through me watching and was sat next to me playing on her phone, not watching the film, and the only time I actually jumped (which takes a lot of doing) and she shits herself and jumps as well, you had to be there, fucking funny. Annoying thing was I knew the jumpy part was coming and yet it still caught me out, think that's partially the reason i enjoyed it to. And yes Mass, Ethan Hawke is in it. Daybreakers wasn't his fault, it would of been shit whoever had played his role, plus you can't beat the Underworld films, even though they're corny as fuck, Kate Beckinsale .
  13. Hold on Bron, the guys that made the shit that is Paranormal Activity, made Sinister too? Wow, never would of guessed that. They've obviously got better then. I still won't watch it, who doesn't have a password on a security system or device? It's bullshit.
  14. Was that the guy out of Sons Of Anarchy in there somewhere? Either way, if it ain't Transformers and there's no hot chick in the film, I ain't watching it. Plot? Aliens come, kill loads of people, we build shit, shit kicks aliens asses, Aliens that are left flee in terror. The End. Am I close?
  15. I wouldn't class i as horror, maybe action/thriller. I'm surprised there wasn't a password on the security system, seemed it would of saved them a lot of hassle if only they had.
  16. Well aren't I a muppet Dup, thank you. Some reason i was thinking it was called ground wars, plus looking around on MG wiki got GW in my head. I think that maybe Konami might be trying to get some leeway on Hayter as he is the sole star of the MGS series to date. By getting someone else to do Big Boss's voice now, they won't have to rely on Hayter if push comes to shove in the future, and Hayter asks for too much dough. Maybe he did this time for doing the voice of Big Boss, and Kojima decided to lose him from at least this game, who knows. Obviously if that was true Hayter wouldn't come out and say that because that would completely scupper his chances with Konami in the long run, maybe his just being coy by saying what he said, to if nothing else put the heat on Konami, and show the potential for a backlash from fans if he was completely canned in the future. Plus I'm sure there are other voice actors out there who could do the exact same voice, and fans wouldn't even be able to tell. For me, the music in the MGS games is more important than the voice of Snake, there's always been that epicness to it, always draws the player in emotionally.
  17. I chose not to see it when it was at the cinema just because of the name. Sounds kinda gay for a decent or good film, i'll have to rent it when it comes out on your recommendation Dup.
  18. Dunno why i'm curious but what are they building underneath the artwork? Is it the model for the PS4.
  19. I don't agree with him being the voice of Big Boss, especially if Solid Snake ends up being in the game and they're round the same age because of Solid's aging thing, they'd have the exact same voice. If Solid's in the game then Hayter will be in the game. If not, then i'm sure the voice casting will still be brilliant, as always.
  20. Generally they keep it the same, as to where they put certain artworks on the front cover, a helicopter has been in the top left of every GTA cover since 3. They pretty much got the SA front cover and changed it to fit in with the story and the new details in the game. Copter top left, blonde center left, guy with face covered center top, guy on two wheels top right, new relevant transport in the center, cars down the bottom and guys holding guns. Only things different is obviously Chop, new feature, no poker chips, no Vegas, and Truth the free loving hippy has been swapped for Trevor, probably the biggest maddest badass to ever be in a GTA game. They made it so it resembles the SA front cover, and they've done a good job. I don't know why but looking a the new one, for me it makes the game look like it'll be a lot more gritty and dark, more serious than it's predeceases. I like it
  21. Wouldn't be bothered whether they were in it or not, good for cut scene's but apart from that they're boring, personally i'm just looking for more interior places to be able to go into, there was what 9-10 different place you could go into in IV, your safehouse, clothes shop, computer cafe, hospital, Police station?, restaurant, fast food store, Stand up comic place . . . .. . . . And then the Biker HQ and the Nightclub in the DLC's. Only thing any of them wear real good for was for shooting the people in side and then waiting for the cops to show up, got boring after a time.
  22. To be honest, i never liked him doing Big Boss's voice. Why would Solid and Big Boss have the same voice, yes obviously Solid is a clone but so was Liquid, and Liquid was meant to have the superior genes anyway. But it is a shame he won't be doing it, unless, Solid's in the PP (not GW) and they didn't want to have the same voice when they finally meet, it'd be weird. I'm no good at figuring out timelines without all the facts, just wondering how much distant there is if you worked out. 1. When GW is meant to be. 2. PP is set 9 years after that, and so when did Metal Gear 1 first take place. Would Solid and Liquid (and Solidus) be old enough to be adults yet with the whole speeding up the age thing? Would they of even been cloned yet? So they would be in need of Hayter to do Snake's (solid) voice? At least at some point in the game. That's if i'm right in what already think i know. Just so i know, is Metal Gear Wiki reliable? Only because it looks to me that by the time GW happens (after peacewalker) he's already been in a coma once and the "Les Enfants Terribles" thing has already happened. 1972, Big Boss falls into a coma, Zero extracts his DNA for the Les Enfants Terribles project. 1974, Peace Walker happened. 1975, Ground Wars happened, at the end Snake falls into another coma. <------- I think the years wrong, and i think GW takes place before Peace Walker. 1986, Big Boss wakes from second coma. Phantom Pain happens. According to MG wiki. It doesn't add up, look for yourself ------->> MGwikiBigBoss Anyway, now that i know, or at least think i know that the Les Enfant. . . incident has already happened, Solid Snake could definalty be in Phantom Pain, unless it's all a dream while Big Boss sleeps in his coma, and at the end of the game, he just wakes up, and he's now bad, not good. Then the Outer Heaven shit happens. I'm assuming you mean the kid in the cage in the GW trailer? Not the floating one who's obviously a young mantis. It's Chico apparently.
  23. I'll drive the speed limit just so i don't scratch my brand new and shiny modded out car, until the AI decides to be a cunt and spawns a police chase in somewhere nearby, which ends up with the police car hitting mine, and then me getting out in a fit of rage and shooting the fuck out of them, which then progresses to me running around for the next half hour killing everyone in site. Apart from that i don't play the game like The Sims. Whereas Skyrim and Fallout i will do, but then i guess that's because in those games you make the character your own.