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  1. DuPz won, voting continues for the runners up spot because it was so one sided. VOTE NOW!!!

    1. Crazee


      Congrats again Mr DuPz.

    2. DuPz0r


      Thanks guys. Good luck runners!

  2. Meh, I'm not bothered, and usually this wouldn't happen in a poll, not so ridiculously one sided as It has been. I'm sure Gunny won't mind not havin' to wait till Monday to know he hasn't won so . . . . . . . . . . DUPZOR WINS!!! ________________Congratulations!!!_________________ Go to Massacre's basement to redeem your prize, or send Q your banking details and he'll send you a voucher for use at your leisure. *Any side effects or harm that occur due to prize winning is your own responsibility and the contest organizer is at no fault to the winners torment or suffering. Now that's out of the way lets play the Runner-up game, whose the best of the rest? VOTE NOW!!!
  3. I could always delete dupz off the poll and declare him winner already, then everyone votes again, depends on whether the other contestants mind. ??
  4. GTA:USA. (just cut out all the shit parts) It'll happen. . . . .one day. . .
  5. Thanks to everyone who competed, it was fun. I'll still leave it till Monday to close the voting but it's almost unanimous at this point. There's still 2-3-4 up for grabs though.
  6. Nice ConQ. But I've had a fucking nuth of reading reviews . . . . I want the game!!!
  7. The final is here, vote for your favorite signature. The theme was GTA5. Four to chose from, only one can win. Vote Now! Voting closes on Monday 20th. EDIT!!! read bottom of post. DuPz0r's gtagrl's bOnEs GunSmith117's DuPz has won!!! But who will be 2nd, 3rd, and loser? You decide. GO!
  8. Until the other week I was really hope for a D-day battle between Wigan and Villa, would of been exciting. Villa pretty much ruined the end of season with their recent results, they play shit all season then in the last 5 games manage to crawl their way out of relegation.
  9. How old are ya? Not young. I was in college when GTA2 was released. 32?
  10. I sort of read the article but got bored and skimmed over a bit. The fake profile she made, was it a completely made up person or someone she actually knew? If she knew the guy is made a fake account for then it's false accusations and wasting police time, which is a crime. Otherwise who gives a fuck. Anyway there's nothing wrong with a little hatefuck, plus, that word doesn't mean to rape or intention to.
  11. Nah, Mourinho's going to Chelsea for sure, and Benitez is going to Real, or Everton lol.
  12. Crazee

    The Sims

    I hate The Sims, I know that playing computer games can be considered by many who don't play them, a waste of time, and I generally don't agree with them, but The Sims I can say is. You can spend hours on this game, and what have you done, got a promotion and had a baby, YAY!! Play GTA for 5 minutes, killed 500 peds, Stolen I really fast car, getting chased by a tank, Now that's an achievement. Won't touch this however good it is.
  13. Moyes is a long term replacement, Fergie took three years at United before doing anything. Looks like the title is Man City's or Chelsea's for the next few years. I want Mourinho, but I can't see it, Fergie is still going to be in the background for seasons to come, and Mourinho doesn't like being told what to do, or who to sign, which is why I'm surprised at the rumours that he's Chelsea bound again, he hated having players in that squad that he never wanted but had to play anyway, Shevchenko to name the obvious.
  14. Crazee


    They'll get all the crap games out the way first on the next gen so they can play around with new engines and improve them before making another Fallout or Elder Scrolls, I just hope they do a new Fallout before a new ES. I need a new wasteland to play in, and as good as Skyrim was, It's no Fallout for me. I'm guessing around 3 years before we see another Fallout, hope I'm wrong though.
  15. I wonder how good the police AI will be off road, I remember in SA when all you had to do was drive near some water or go round a tree and the cops would crash with stupidity. Nice screens.
  16. Crazee


    Point lookout huh, thanks bones. I'm now at a point where I don't know what to do, as I set my character out as vengeful towards the people who tried to kill him. Now that I've massacred the Khans at Bitter Springs and crucified Benny, I don't know what to do. I've also just killed House, and I destroyed the bots under Caesar's camp. I don't want Vegas for myself, nor do I want either NCR or Legion to gain control. Why can't there be a full blown war and see where the chips land hey! I'll probably go with the Legion, haven't actually done that ending before, plus I hate the NCR, they think money can buy everything. If only there was a Brotherhood ending. . . .
  17. Another Call of Duty game!!! And this time you have to shoot ghosts, not zombies. I think it's next gen, I don't really care. But seriously, can someone just merge all the call of duty topics together, I swear i'm the only one who play them, and even then I only play MW3.
  18. Nah, thats just the replay system, it's shit to say the least. I'm still playing it, it's saved me a fuck load of money cos I haven't gone out and bought any 'half decent, i'm bored and have nothing to play, this is better than nothing' games since last year. It's still the best shooter out there (on console), even if it is dated.
  19. I was contemplating getting this, or Dead Island, then I read the above posts, thanks for saving me money guys.
  20. Only read a few reviews, can't say I care much about other people's "expert" opinions, just want to know all the new info. Looks like they're piling in as much as possible into the game, just like they did with SA. Love it. Read IGN's review about how it's not graphically superior to IV and so feels dated in that way, who the fuck cares, they're chucking in everything they can, and the kitchen sink, why waste time on graphics when this current gen of console can't give out much more, or at least the engine Rockstar have been using and upgrading since IV won't give much more (i forget what it's now called). Hmm, GTA next gen engine.
  21. I WANNA BE THE MONKEY!!! Franklin looks like a cop, eighth one down. Hmmm.
  22. jizz, everywhere. Now time to watch the trailers.

    1. Bronson


      You're adorable.

  23. Well, gunna be late for work today, normally leave 30 minutes before but as the trailer comes at 5:30pm GMT there's no way I'm missing it just to be on time.

    1. Crazee


      Thats what I thought, so it is 5pm, not 4pm.. . .? we'll know in 5 mins.

    2. Qdeathstar
    3. Crazee


      55 minutes to go, 55 mintues to go, la la la, la la la, 55 mintues to go!

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