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  1. The irony is i actually did hug the wall to avoid objects by taking cover in that job. No freeze-frame required lol
  2. "Muh-muugh... Maggie... I'll... find you"
  3. Pfffftt that's weak af We've been getting dumped on since Christmas, and there's a fucking blizzard outside giving it to us rn Edit: Gtagrl bout to get our leftovers
  4. We need to do a comic night. Dress as any notwble character from a comic book that you want. Disclaimer: no multiple Jokers
  5. I Can't believe I wore those terrible outfits. Fuck was I thinking... lol
  6. Not sure if woman from eastern Canada, or huge ass beach umbrella with all that shade you throwin... *Z snaps* I still think pirates vs ninjas might be the better way to go. It's been a while since we've done a team vs team theme.
  7. I do like the idea of pirates vs ninjas. Id make a job or two for that for sure. @Senior bOnEs Lets not get hypocritical here. You cant have us all dress up as stereotypical mexicans screaming for tacos in a burrito van and turn arround and get sensitive about gay stereotyping. We dont have to make fun of it, but im definitely having fun with it.