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  1. Started 2 characters, got in fine no problems with both. Done tutorials, which I wish you could skip btw. Can't do any jobs, races, deathmatches, anything involving downloading really.
  2. I am thinking about going to the midnight launch but I don't like crowds (or people in general) so I might see if I can bribe the shop clerks to give it to me early so I don't have to line up and wait.... Thanks for the idea. I want to get mine at midnight but hate crowds. Might see if I can convince them to give it to me early and avoid an anxiety attack.
  3. My favorite would have to be Franklin shooting Ballas in that low rider. Just because it brings back memories.
  4. This is what IGN has planned so far for their exclusives up until launch. GTAO hands on review next. http://au.ign.com/articles/2013/09/03/welcome-to-grand-theft-auto-v-week-on-ign
  5. I think I remember reading something about only being able to own 1 house at a time. I could be wrong.
  6. Tbh, I wouldn't believe anything from foreign gaming sites or mags. There's a lot of bs that comes from them. Unless it was an interview with Rockstar or they confirmed it, I don't believe it. Also, when I read that "parent" part, I took it as "use them for a default look and change them" rather than a parent gene thing. That's just me though. Edit: Nevermind. Read through it properly. I see I was wrong. I only skimmed through it before and missed a whole chunk.
  7. I guess I'll be tired when I gotta take my nephew and niece to school