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  1. Nice to see the old oversear's name in the credits.

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    2. Crazee
    3. Crazee


      That guy who thought he owned the place. . . then went off to work on the R* social club. . . his name escapes me. . . Q might remember.

    4. ConQueSteD
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  2. . <------------------- It's there. . . . . add me if you want, make sure you put igta5 or something cos I usually ignore FR's. Edit: Also, they're lower case L's, not i's.
  3. "Do you have more money than sense? Then please send all of you hard earned trust fund to Rockstar Games, in exchange we'll give you the means to beat all those poor uncivilized people who are only elite at games more so than you because they have no jobs, no friends, and no life. You have money for a reason, because you deserve to be the best. Pay now" Genius move by Rockstar if true imo. Look at the mobile companies reeking in millions a week on their shitty ass Android and Facebook games, time for Rockstar to get in on the action like EA have done on their sports games, yeah it gives a slight advanced to the idiots out there willing to spend money to buy virtual cash/items, but you can't buy skill, and hey, Rockstar have earnt their bonuses and need to build a budget up for their next gen games, if stupid people want to waste their money, and they don't want to give it to me, then the next best option is to let Rockstar have it. Plus, you can just rob them if they're stupid enough not to bank it. . . I think.
  4. Is it wrong that i've now started thinking . . . "what would Trevor do" . . . In real life situations. >_>

  5. See you guys in 3 weeks. . .

  6. Wow, this place is dead, what happened? >_>

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      they're either A) avoiding this place for fear of spoilers or B) queuing in line waiting for their copy... the UK is getting close to their midnight launch, some territories probably already have it...

    2. Crazee
  7. Yay!!! The Attack page warning has been lifted, finally, well done. With 2 hours till release. . . .
  8. None of the buttons worked. Edit: Turning the security feature back on. See you guys when this place is fixed.
  9. Anyone else been having trouble getting on the forum?

    1. The Goon

      The Goon

      Look at the status below yours.. smh

    2. Parker


      I know, Bloody 20 minutes to load one page.

    3. DuPz0r


      We need more bandwidth, it's as simple as that.

  10. Hey, on the same note, couldn't get onto the forum a moment ago until I clicked off the "Block reported attack sites" button in the security settings. Just came up with this: Edit: Don't really want to leave that security button off, but will do for now. Also, I've been having that same problem with this place re-directing me to another site, only on me phone though, and not all the time.
  11. Just wondering if there will be any major differences, bar graphics, in the next gen version. If there is then i'd possibly hold off getting this till i got the PS4.
  12. Good visuals, but what a shit plot. . . if it were a true story then it'd have [add word I can't think of here]. You'd be better off just watching this for 10 minutes from Mission to Mars.
  13. Right, i've now started this game 5 times, and four of those times i've played solidly for a week or so, then get bored and gone off to another game, when I get the urge to visit Skyrim again I have the need to start from scratch every time, and do it a different way than before, what reason I don't know, but I'ma never complete this game at this rate, I do the same on Fallout as well to an extent as well, but at least i've completed that twice. Anyway I've started again on Skyrim as a Nord who wants to join the rebellion, fuckers still send me off to kill the wraith, figured they'd of let me off on a count i'm a local.
  14. Thank You. *doesn't click* And like many others have already said, Damnnn! That view is so pretty. San Andreas eat your heart out.
  15. Well we're the only team in the league who haven't dropped a point so far, or concede a goal, two games of which were against teams bolstering two of the best forwards in the league right now in Van Persie and Benteke. So our defense is sound, FINALLY, and we've recruited heavily in that area on deadline day and through out the window to make it even stronger, Once Suarez is back, which I laughed at when I heard it'd be against United in the cup, we'll have an awesome attacking lineup as well. Only thing i'm worried about is if Gerrard and/or Lucas get injured, Henderson is finally coming good, but Allan is a pile of wank who can score to save his life, and unless they put in one of the CB's into the DM role, they've got no cover. On a separate note, can anyone else see both Newcastle and Sunderland going down this season. Newcastle have had a terrible transfer window, only signing Remy on loan, and of course the coup signing of the summer in Joe Kinnear, and now have a midfielder in the dressing room who doesn't want to be there, great for team morale. As for Sunderland, they've signed no one of note, apart from Altidore, and have gotten rid of Mignolet, Sessegnon, and James McClean.
  16. Thanks Fitty. Lucks been on my side lately with random number picks. . . but I'm not bothered either way, free shit is free. I'll take the Grand Theft Auto V shirt. But can I donate the hat to someone else, if i win, me not gangster enough to wear that.
  17. Agreed. Also, I think Arsenal really needed a DM, since Vieira and then Gilberto, they've had no one good enough to do the dirty work in midfield, and Flamini isn't that player. Annoyed Everton got Lukaku, and we got Moses, would of preferred it the other way round. What i also don't get with the Moses signing is that we sent Borini off on loan to Sunderland to compensate.
  18. I'm happy, signed two much needed CBs, surprised at the Moses loan signing, don't rate him too much, only surprise for us now is if someone comes in for Suarez for £50Mil+, probably unlikely but who knows. Reports suggesting Ba is off too Arsenal. . .
  19. There was a leak? Edit: Oh yeah!!! I didn't click the spoiler tags, so forgot about it. *deletes*
  20. Even though everyone on here will most likely have all of the IV games, on PSN GTAIV is going for £4.99, and the Complete Edition is going for £6.49. Duno whether it's a glitch or not.

    1. Qdeathstar
    2. ConQueSteD


      If you pre-ordered it of PS market then you get any rockstar game 75% off.

    3. Crazee


      I haven't preordered and it's still that cheap. ;)

  21. MINE WAS FIRST YOU proud american This ain't the Asylum nor R&R. Quit having a temper tantrum kid. Take a joke man shit. Sorry, you're right, it was fucking hilarious.
  22. MINE WAS FIRST YOU proud american This ain't the Asylum nor R&R. Quit having a temper tantrum kid.
  23. Just looked at the IGN article from 2 days ago announcing the PS4 release date, are they just slow or hasn't that been common knowledge since both consoles got revealed? o_O