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  1. "Red´╗┐ Dead Online will be ready to be explored alone´╗┐..." That sounds like a dream come true for me! But this being R*, I'm not holding my breath. Still waiting for all that amazing GTAV story DLC...
  2. That's what she said! (I'll show myself out. ?)
  3. Welllllll... <bored, resurrecting old threads, fight me!>
  4. Not sure if anyone posted these 4 extra screens, but I can't be bothered to step away from my baller lifestyle of diaper changes and toddler snot to check thoroughly:
  5. R* Newswire roundup: A half dozen publications wrote features and posted screenshots; I'm having GTA V hype-machine flashbacks!
  6. Edit: Bones beat me by a couple minutes! --- This should maybe have its own thread; not sure if it's directly related to the trailer, but... IGN dropped some goodies this morning. I haven't had a chance to read any of this yet but the first one looks like some impressions from a live demo.
  7. <pops in to check comments, blinks once> Is there anything in this DLC for the casual gamer, or can I go back to giving my standard number of fucks?
  8. Zoiks, a R* game delayed? <feigned shock> Bank on at least one more "we're not releasing it until it's perfect", and we'll see this one just in time for the 2018 holiday season. Those screens, tho. Jinkies!
  9. You remind me of myself so much it's spooky. Crew nights are fun, but I can rarely join. I'd be content with occasional DLC providing a handful of solo missions. I don't need an entire new campaign, and I certainly don't care about money or XP. Just a bit of monkeying around without having to coordinate schedules with friends or suffer through randoms. I know, I'm high maintenance.
  10. I'm having a fairly sour evening as I'm coming to realize: GTA Online just isn't fun (for me). At all. Hasn't really been for quite some time. And that's particularly troubling since it is clearly R*'s cash cow. I mean, from a business perspective, I get it; selling Shark Cards to kiddies is a hella lot more profitable than selling a $60 game every couple years to someone like me. Still, seems like there ought to be some kind of happy medium. A huge part of the appeal for the GTA series used to be that it was readily picked up by the casual gamer. Sit down for 30 mins, create a little mayhem, get on with your life. Anymore, the GTA universe revolves around the next DLC, the next vehicle pack, the next kill-the-guy-next-to-you mode. And it falls flat. This isn't what brought me here. I don't want to spend hours upon hours grinding missions to make imaginary money just to be competitive in a race, or whatever goofy adversarial mode comes down the pike. As a consumer, I don't want this. I don't want to be pwned in public lobbies by 13 year old kids who spend hours upon hours honing their virtual skills to feast upon the fresh meat that is me. I'm not particularly good at most of these game modes, but - and here's the kicker - I don't want to HAVE to be particularly good. I just want to play. And lately, it doesn't feel like play. It feels like work, and it blows, and it's depressing. Where has the fun gone? Am I the only one?
  11. fitty showed up for a heist and immediately started slamming whiskey: gtagrl did her best to herd everyone into the planning room: bones propped fitty up long enough to trigger a setup mission: --- bones' doppelganger: He got chippy with me; it didn't end well for him:
  12. I'll be pleased as punch to fill in as needed. For one-off missions. When I'm around. Which is basically never.
  13. There are a number of bodily function jokes as well.
  14. According to the latest Q&A from the newswire... Keep the faith.
  15. Welcome to the club. Dude's got a short fuse and a long memory.