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  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your moms situation, Brian. Cancer is the evilest. Seeing someone so close to you suffer from it and feeling powerless is just disheartening, infuriating, and overwhelmingly sad.
  2. I might check that first one, Ginginho. This has been keeping me busy:
  3. I'm not really into "speed cubing". With that said, probably around a minute now. I've thought about investing some time into some advanced techniques like F2L... But yeah, time and patience, maybe with this new 3x3 I'll get around to it. Would be nice to get it down to at least 30 seconds, pretty sure anything below that enters the field of craziness though.
  4. I like Rubik's Cube like puzzles. This is my collection: You will notice I have 2 3x3 puzzles in there that are very similar - One of them rotates much faster (so faster to complete). I'm looking into acquiring a 7x7 now or a Gigaminx.
  5. ^look at dis dude he need to stay in the shade
  6. Does that mean you could train to sustain breathing under water for a long time? If so, that would be pretty cool.
  7. Shower beers are the best shit.
  8. Very good read from someone who knows what he is talking about (writing or talking about success without actually achieving a respectable amount of it seems useless to me).
  9. I'd be careful if I were you Brian, you're starting to become one of those "car people". That could easily escalate to "car dickhead".
  10. All your applications should be compatible.
  11. I'm reading "Prince of Fools" now as I completely missed it when it came out, and it's fucking awesome.