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  1. Opx is RED. . . Congrats dude.

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      CaPn bOnEs

      pfft ahahahaha...

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      gtagrl or DiO would be a good pick imo. Plus they'd give free bacon and cakes for members behaving themselves. Numnumnum. :)

    3. Santiago
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  2. I'd rather guarantee 3 points than miss out completely trying to get 15. Whats with everyone saying unique all the time. . . it's irritating, stop it. Edit: where was task 8? Missed the fucker!
  3. *Doesn't click* Even achievement lists have spoilers on them. . . I'd rather not know. Good find though.
  4. Anyone else see this current Suarez situation at Liverpool being just like the Tevez one last year. . . . . If only a foreign team would come in for him, Liverpool would sell up straight away.
  5. Damnit Opx, I really wanted to put a pic of some bare arms in that topic you locked. :P

  6. Nothing special, just adding it to the thread.
  7. In Lambert, yes, the guy should of stayed at Norwich. If you got rid and got O'neil back, i could see you just staying up, maybe. Your defence is what'll take you down, Vlaar is your only premiership level player in defence. Anyway, on the whole current transfer sagas on Bale and Suarez, Suarez won't go to Arsenal, no way, no how, and the only reason Real are currently quiet on the whole thing is because they'd prefer Bale at the club, but if Bale doesn't sign for Real, they'll come grap Suarez before the end of the window, either way, one of those players will still be at the current clubs this time next month.
  8. Nice *screens. But, I couldn't care about them anymore, only news I'm interested in now until release is GTAO. Unless news comes out about a time machine. . .
  9. Crazee


    Just spotted it on facebook. $40.00. LINK Personally haven't got the funds for something like that, but if you're a collector you might be interested.
  10. Thanks Dup, like I said though, I'ma be nonexistent till V comes out.
  11. Got a local GAME? Otherwise if your Tesco isn't a 24 hour, then I doubt they'd open up just for the game, but I could be wrong.
  12. Don't be, they've made enough money with SR4 to last them a while. Plus every game ends up on the forgotten pile at some point.
  13. Wonder if there will be a vets, where Chop goes when he dies and reappears, and Franklin has to pay the bill to get him back.
  14. Just read this article: Might be getting a new card in the near future as mines about 10 years old, if not older.
  15. Well, as the igta crew is full, can I join yours DuPz, I won't be playing till V comes out though. I miss placed IV when moving.
  16. Films i watched last night. How I Spent My Summer Vacation / Get The Gringo. (2012) For some reason this has two names, in the UK it's known as the first. Staring Mel Gibson, primarily set in a Mexican prison where Gibson's character (Only known by Driver, as he never actually gives his real name) gets sent after crossing the border from America in good fashion. The prison is like a small town, shops, tattooist, even somewhere to get your fix. Inside, the warden/guards have little say, but to keep prisoners inside the gate. The place is run by some big time Mexican "business man", and his family. Driver has to fight for survival by using his skills/tricks he used in the outside world. He meets a kid, who for some reason the Big time Mexicans protect. Anyway, not to give anything away. . . . at all. Shit kicks off, money, firefights, with a few grenades chucked in for good measure are included. I was happily surprised as I wasn't expecting a lot from this film. 8/10 21 I know this isn't exactly a newish release, but I've only just got round to watching it. For whose of you who haven't watched it, kid wants to get into Havard, but needs the scholarship that only 1 in 300 or so accepted applicants get, and the year's before grantee was a one-legged Korean. But this kid doesn't stand out like in anyway, and without the scholarship, it'll cost him over 300,000.00 to be able to go to Havard. So when an opportunity arises to earn that money, by counting cards in Vegas, he eventually grabs the chance to go. With casino security watching closely, if you don't get out a the right time, you're gonna get fucked up. The whole thing for me, was predictable from the start, even the twist at the end. So It was an okay film, nothing special, i'd say, watch it once, if you're bored, and there's nothing better to do. 5/10 Wonder Boy (2010) This surprised me as it was pretty good for an independent film, which you do have to take into consideration when watching any indy film, they don't have the vast amounts of cash to spend on the film and post production like the big companies do. The protagonist (sean) sees his mum murdered as a kid, he grows up to be a bookworm, getting straight A's in school and not really having any friends, always being haunted by his memories of that night as a kid. But he also spends his free time down the local boxing club, running, and looking at mugshots at the local precinct where he got taken after the murder. The story leads from there, and when a newly promoted Latino female detective (she's hot ) comes to the precinct, their lives cross paths, when a string of murders against low lifes of society happens, with her leading to believe he maybe involved. 7.5/10
  17. Reginald D. Hunter is funny as, just looks stoned every time he'd on.
  18. What about MOTD. O_O Love QI, Stephen Fry is a legend.
  19. Surely you deadline would be the 16th of Sept. then. Anyway, just looked through the thread, quickly, but the stuff you're doing looks good. Good luck with it, hope you get to the top with it dude.
  20. Nice. I wondered why I recognized the sound, after hearing it a couple times, just look them up on YT. Drive. Oh course.
  21. Anyone else think that if Rockstar ever went back and did another 80's based GTA, that would be the perfect theme tune. Never heard it before Dup, but me likes.
  22. With Liverpool, Suarez stays, i could predict top 4, without, unless they signed another top striker, no chance of European spot, again. Villa to go down, even with Benteke staying. Can't see United winning the league first year with Moyes, Man City will always be a threat with the money they can spend, but i don't know the new manager well enough to know whether he can manage a team of pri-madonnas. Spurs will be in for the title if they can keep Bale, if not, then they'll be fighting with everyone else for 4th spot. And Chelsea, they'll be solid all season under Mourinho, but they do have some dead weight in there team, and the guys that were there the first time are getting old now, can see Lampard starting to do what Scholes did at United last season. As for the Championship Firm, Bolton and QPR to go up, and I've got a weird feeling about Leicester. Also for a wildcard pick, Blackpool.
  23. I find that, strangely, when i'm using a sniper rifle and people say i'm camping, dah fuck you want me to do with one, run around and try killing some one at close range. What irritates me is as soon as you've had a half decent game, you get some kid wanting to add you as a friend, or wanting you to join their party. How bout. . . . . No.