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  1. Vault 111 here I come! *soils self*
  2. I'd say Konami are getting ready to ditch their Video game division. They make far more money selling slot machines/pokies than they do making AAA games.
  3. My pants are completely soiled
  4. ^Not to mention you still have access to the original soundtrack if R* decide to patch songs out like they did with San Andreas
  5. Hopefully the metal gods are with Bruce Dickinson. For those who don't know, he's undergoing treatment for a cancerous tumour on his tongue.
  6. ^I'll give that a shot, as it just turned itself off again with the fan facing the front of it (it ejected the disc before turning itself off this time). Hopefully it's just the heat making it spaz out. (The temperature was 29 celsius/ 81 fahrenheit at midnight!) If worst comes to worst, Australia apparently has 2 year reasonable use warranties on most electronic goods these days, so I'll try and swap it for a new one, or if that fails, send it away for "Service" *shudders*. I've never had a console fuck up on me before. Edit: A friend just told me that the PS4 eject and power buttons are very heat sensitive, and that is what may be causing the console to randomly eject discs and turn itself off. I guess it makes sense. Probably means I'll have to invest in some good ol' cheap air con if I want to play outside winter . This issue is really starting to highlight some of the PS4's design flaws for me. Just give me goddamn normal buttons, a proper on/off switch and an external power brick.
  7. For about the last month or so, my Ps4 has been randomly turning itself off or putting itself into rest mode quite often. When i try to turn it back on, it boots into safe mode, often turning itself off again before I have a chance to restart. Any ideas what could be causing this? I have a feeling my system is constantly overheating (it's summer where I live and the temp in my room often reaches 30+ degrees celsius.) I've tried putting a fan in front of my console, and it hasn't turned itself off when I've done that. However, I don't really feel like spending the rest of summer with my fan pointed at my PS4 instead of me. Especially if heat isn't the issue. btw, damn sony and their lack of external power brick
  8. New Melechesh It's ok. Sounds very similar to their Epigenesis stuff.
  9. Showing off my new phone I love this fucking mask. Hopefully R* let us keep it for good
  10. Edit: never mind, psn is down in Australia. Way to give notice, Sony.
  11. Is it just me or has the handling for a few cars been drastically improved? I can actually drive a Phoenix now without spinning out on every corner.
  12. It's a bit early for this, seeing as how The Crew still hasn't been released, but I thought I'd start early and narrow the leaders down later. Once again, I won't be including remasters and I'll also leave out sports games this time, seeing as how they don't change much year to year. If I leave out anything important, let me know. If anyone wants to add their own top 5/10/3000, that would be great. Edit: Shit, I forgot The Division in upcoming games.
  13. It's very similar. Hopefully they change up the formula for 5 a bit. I'm sick of climbing towers to reveal new areas in Ubi games.
  14. Yeah, same. I picked it up at 10, but I won't get a chance to play until 1AM if I'm lucky. The wait is killing me.