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  1. Ok so I fell asleep whilst driving and woke up to my controller rumbling against my nuts! I'll have a proper try tonight!
  2. After work I'm going to check out all the points on the map, I'll take some snaps and upload a conclusion! I love that they've done this!
  3. Minus his annoying voice this vid shows the secrets........ SPOILER!!!
  4. Has anyone put their blueprint map under a uv lamp yet??? I'd do it if I were you!
  5. Anybody that hasn‘t been here for an entire site lifetime, disappeared mysteriously for a year and returned to a flurry of excess testosterone/estrogen is pretty much a noob. Did that shit just straight up fly out of your vagina? I'm just playing enjoy the game bro you earnt it!
  6. Ill let you in Q however I'm not a newbie I only comment when I feel the need!
  7. And those 2 years were worth it!!! My god it's beautiful!!!!
  8. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for keeping me sane these last two years there are some amazing threads and I hope we continue to use the forums and share out gta v experiences! Mods in here are awesome thinning out the trolls good job! So yeah thanks everyone it's been emotional! But now things are going to get reeeeeeeeaaaaaly messy! Peace!
  9. I'm not allowed to take just a few days off at my work its frowned upon lol my son starts school the week before so I booked it a week either side of 17th!
  10. Well at least I managed to book 2 weeks off work from the 17th sep!! All my colleges have spring hols glad I held out!! I think they will go silent for a while again maybe a screen or 2 to say sorry and then nothing until may/June I'm not angry at r* it gives me a chance to play tbogt and lad chin up guys itll be here eventually!! Group hug?
  11. After last years silence a day won't hurt! And I hope they do a vid for it!! Until tomorrow.......
  12. yeah i reckon itll be micheal who turns in the end but i think he will be forced to do it due to the fib having him by the balls we will see......... those new artworks of the heists look awesome i hadnt dwelled to much on the heists until now but im thinking its gonna be awesome!!! the one with a stocking over his head and the jewellary in hand looks sick! maybe itll be on the box?
  13. You are the antagonist in GTA V. i know they said you can play protag and antag but theres got to be a main antagonist you dont play like a fib agent or something like the emperor on star wars leading one of the protags to the darkside.....
  14. The thing I'm hoping for the most onthe cover is the antagonist! It'll give us all something new to think about without revealing much!