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  1. DiO

    iGTA Crew Nights - Open Thread

    OmgLiek pic from crew night. Such a good pic. It took forever to set up. Ill get a lot of twitter likes on this one
  2. DiO

    Post-Credits (spoilers!)

    My next play though I was going to be a huge cunt and not help people at the end. I don't want all my saved points to be with fucked up honour and a bunch of bounties everywhere so that means a 3rd play through to get that going. Dah well I will do it. It's a great story at the end of the day. And I agree, the end wasn't surprising and happened the way it had to happen. I was really pissed they chinsed us out of killing Micah though. Having Dutch take the first show just made it not satisfying enough. That was gay as fuck.
  3. DiO

    Post-Credits (spoilers!)

    I was going to come in here and say if Rockstar finally does have a female lead it better be Sadie but everyone feels the same. I loved Arthur too. The end of this game actually bummed me out lol. I wish we can do a chapter select and use Arthur in free roam again and have the gang together in the end game. Being at John's just doesn't feel right and honestly I don't feel much like doing any of the end game shit now. Same with the first Red Dead Redemption. I barely played as Jack. I just started the story again. I wish I kept more save files going.
  4. DiO

    iGTA Crew Nights - Open Thread

    since the only thing we have done recently that was remotely a crew night recently was the Fallout 76 beta so here are some screens we all got. Not all of these are mine. They're from everyone. Feat Otiz. Gtagrl, Me, Bones, Ghostman, Mercy, Emz, Dozy and one of Weev though he never had a chance to play with us. But not Nemo. Nemo isn't in any of these. Fuck Nemo. Also had a crew night idea Since we have done sweet fuck all as far as a crew night in awhile what do you all think of a jukebox crew night? We all pop in at 6 Tuesday for some music
  5. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 23 (PS4)

    This https://twitter.com/Ayreon01/status/1055271948245028866?s=19 And this https://twitter.com/Ayreon01/status/1055272380136808448?s=19 That is all
  6. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 23 (PS4)

    I don't think we going to pause crew nights after halloween. Probably just have 1 topic for the following "No theme" or crew blue nights untill red dead online.
  7. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 16 (PS4)

    We help Petrie with some money from store robberies Phantom wedge sumo. I go flying thanks to Bones and I'm out I figured it was a good idea to jump into it since i was already eliminated Getting sent by Fanboy I get stuck. No elimination this time bail out and I stick the landing Fanboy kills gtagrl, then I kill Fanboy Gtagrl, Nemo, Fanman, Petrie, Me, Bones Time for the flying hats. Petrie is up Bones BMX even showed up for a little bit in the end
  8. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 16 (PS4)

    If you don't know what jacket/hat gtagrl is talking about
  9. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 9 (PS4)

    Bones shoots a thing and dies Broman loses to nemo the struggle is real tilt you screen...or not IDK Blade Runner..get it? gtagrl lands on Morrbo or whatever the fuck his name is Morrbo or whatever the fuck his name is dies Some didn't see this in the job? Bones dies Nemo kills gtagrl tilt you screen...or not IDK Fanboy flips me off My response Fanboy might have died but he gets the last laugh Kuz dies tilt you screen...or not IDK
  10. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 2 (PS4)

    No banner yet but that many pics .. stop fucking around
  11. DiO

    iGTA Night - October 2 (PS4)

    Running down BiMixOgg Four twenny cars we forgot Jobs we forgot. A melee deathmatch by weev. Yah Weev made a deathmatch. Taking out Jizzy and Bones Gigerbrick kills Bones. i finish the rest Races we forgot Bikes we forgot? taking down Bones's character after he left the lobby while still on my bike. gatgrl's turn scorpioned
  12. DiO

    iGTA Night - September 25 (PS4)

    LMFAO. The face on the burger vendor whem in getting punched is hilarious
  13. DiO

    iGTA Night - September 25 (PS4)

    YAH NEMO! YOU NEVER MADE THAT JOB. He must have been to busy sucking at photoshop to make it A video of Bones dying https://twitter.com/Ayreon01/status/1045490609635512320 Bones, me, gtagrl, Petrie Running over Jizzy and Nemo Me and Jizzy had a rampage Kuz with a nice wallride Hybrid Human/Ape An epic crash with me, jizzy and bones Jizzy blows up Oh soo, a LOT of deathmatch photos this week Jizzy dies Jizzy again Jizzy kills Nemo Then...ya know. Gtagrl going for a better vantage point. But it ends up being an unvantage point. Nemo's kill. Plop Bones off the roof from the video above Jizzy tried out the unvantage point. Kuz with some help on this kill It was unvantageful. Since Jizzy should have learned from gtagrl; here is too many pictures of this. Plop This would have been a nice kill pic for gtagrl taking down Nemo but the game didn't render a muzzle flare or blood And a super glitchy death. Hopefully Red Dead has better draw distance. Taking out Jizzy Gtagrl gets a shot on me But time to reload Dirty Kuz roll I think gtagrl tried to roll as well but ended up climbing. BLOOD AND THUNDER!! New deathmatch. Nemo kills Jizzy Enter Me. Bones gets a shot off. o noes am I falling over dead ?!/1/!/oneone OOOO I see. I was Dirty Kuz Rolling And one on gtagrl Bones with a kill On Kuz Kuz gunbutts gtagrl Almost looks like they were trying to pose for a group shot. 1 downside to masks is you can't see the face agony. Jizzy and Kuz were having a standoff. Kuz says "Jizzy, poke your head out" Bones runs out in the open and says "I'll poke my head out" He then got shot by Me, Kuz and Nemo. 😂 mmm, brains BRAIIINS Then Jizzy poked his head out. Plop Gunbutt on Jizzy, I was bored of taking pics of this by now lol. Maybe went overboard. But I figured I would get a kill for Jizzy as he seems to be the victim a lot so far. Kuz dies. Jizzy turns his back even before Kuz hits the ground. Killing Bones after he left the lobby Nemo's turn
  14. DiO

    iGTA Night - September 18 (PS4)

    the circle jerk https://twitter.com/Ayreon01/status/1042926608640868354 some jerk close ups. fanboy and me Dozy, Jizzy Weev, Bones gtagrl Nemo doesn't get a close up. Fuck Nemo Here is the first big character of the night. IDK what it was supposed to be but it looks like something an Anime would do. Bones smashes me off the track Bones smashes gtagrl Bones smashes Nemo and Petrie Bones forces me into the slow strips I used a fucked up filter to try and emulate the screen effect you get when going over them The first corner in Fanboy's race. We usually all fuck up it up. Jizzy fucks up early. and then as is tradition We actually had a nice turn out Jizzy causes a pile up and I sneak away Thanks Jizzy See yas taking down Dozy Weev's turn Then Mercy Then everyone Bones with a nice shot on Petrie when climbing up the building Almost got me too Here is a giant robot A RPG for Mercy Mercy squashes Jizzy with a helicopter then gets blown up by Petrie A RPG for Weev A bullet for Mercy And Bones Then a golf club for Bones after he left the lobby First time I saw headphones fly Me, Nemo, Weev