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  1. Was me. I linked to this topic on the news page. lol thanks to you then
  2. ya, it sucks,maybe they will release it on both consoles and for pc at the same time. just trying to give hope to pc players so they wont have to wait months after
  3. release date for gta 5 confirmed
  4. first thing is going to be installing it, then im gonna play through the story a little, and then go to the top of the highest mountain and just push my guy off and watch him fall. that should entertain me for a couple minutes lol, seeing as how it looks like it would take a while to get to the top haha
  5. ya, maybe the day of the GI issue they might release it. thats my hope too.
  6. i think it might be just from the movie, havent seen it in a while
  7. just looked at this, edit post: picture along with it.
  8. It would be cool if there was car shows and stuff like that, but we will just have to wait until the GI or maybe when the game releases.