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Found 22 results

  1. Tell lies, attempt to con people, publish ridiculous rumours or generally act like a GTA V attention whore and this is where you end up. ____________________ Newzoo CEO Peter Warman for saying this: Boxed games will not disappear, but what is in the box will, that is why the boxed GTA V version will contain a collectible piece of merchandise and a download code. No disc. _______________________________________________________ Luis Zelaya - Sadly, after learning of his addition to this Shit List Luis took his own life. R.I.P. Luis. _______________________________________________________ for this article by Amir Ariff: Virginia Tech shooter influenced by GTA 5, Battlefield 3 and MW3? Excerpt: His style of the killing is similar to the upcoming Rockstar's title Grand Theft Auto V ________________________________________________________ VeryLight - Because he repeatedly claims to work for Take-Two but we all know they don't employ illiterate people who can't be trusted to keep a multi million dollar secret by posting smart ass facts on a public GTA V forum. ________________________________________________________ priceless - Because he claims his brother-in-law who works for Team Bondi told him secret details about GTA V. He's quite the village idiot, check out his bullshit posts here. ________________________________________________________ Aria Pemberton, - The game will feature a single player story mode which will allow players to assume the role of the main character... - No shit Sherlock. ________________________________________________________ YouTube Channel GTA5Videos - Added to the Shit List due to popular demand because they post utter shite. Becoming a Machinima partner does not mean they can now be excluded from this list, the overwhelming demand from fans that they remain on this list overrides that. ________________________________________________________ Roman (Member) for his --- Leaked info. SPOILERS! --- topic where he made an effort to fool people he had script coding from GTA V. I live close to the Rockstar HQ and I saw a paper down the street with this on it. So I thought I would share it with you. It had lots more information on it to, but It was too much to type. I can photocopy the title on the packet if you like. It's the Grand Theft Auto 5 logo. It's not fake. I found it in a packet close to Rockstar I wasn't suppose to tell you this but my cousin gave it to me when I was shadowing him for my career shadowing day! ________________________________________________________ The kids on Twitter Rockstar Newswire who cry whinge make threats to Rockstar because they WANT GTA V INFO NOW! _________________________________________________________ Peter Chubb of added because - I'd like to request Peter Chubb from In Entertainment joins the shit list. He posts a new article about GTA 5 every single day just to get his site shown in the google news feed. All of his articles are based on nothing but his own thoughts and it's just fucking annoying me. Example. We have posted speculative articles in the past, about GTA 5 in 3D and 10 things we may see, but this guy takes it to a new level and does one every few days. Nearly always starting with We have no new info about gta 5, but seeing as people want something, here, read this shit I just made up.- Psy ________________________________________________________ Brenna Hillier of for lying about 2K collaborating with Rockstar North on GTA V. ________________________________________________________ JohnFMoore Former animator at Rockstar - If you don't want to believe me fair enough, but there has been many people claiming to be Rockstar workers etc.. But I seriously am, worked with GTA V for 3 and a half month in the animating department, and I was fired about 3 weeks ago and have been debating whether to release the information I am about to tell you. ________________________________________________________'s KUMAR & Justin Kate Jr. ________________________________________________________ GTAGreg22 - You've gotta read it to believe it. ________________________________________________________ for this monstrous article: Is Grand Theft Auto V Being Delayed Until Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 Release? ________________________________________________________ - GTA 5 Release Date Leaked By Rockstar. - That site gets worse by the day.
  2. Hi guys, I'm wondering what sorts of things we could see in GTA V PC when it eventually does get released (If it does). Do you think Rockstar are taking so long to release the PC version because they're working on making it even more amazing? Are they adding more features for the PC version? Are they using some sort of facial recognition for the PC version maybe? All these questions and I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what we could see, and what we WANT to see in the PC version of GTA V.
  3. I really hope by the next GTA they improve the online multiplayer experience a lot. Sure they had the basics on IV, but i really hope - for instants; we can have large freeroam sessions, where you can have say 50-100 players per map. Instead of just being able to kill each other, they should have the freeroam as a sort of hub to start matches, freeroam missions, join gangs/clans, in-which you can have planned matched for turf influence. Maybe a little like what they did with RDR but more. There is so much potential for online multiplayer, that R* North and GTA V could re-invent the genre once again. Make some of your own suggestions that you think would enhance the multiplayer experience on GTA, so we can all discuss it. You never know, R* could see some of our suggestions and implement them!
  4. So there's confirmed to be 15 radio stations and a dynamic game score Confirmed Stations and DJ's: 1. Vinewood Boulevard - Stephen and Nate (Modern Rock) http://www1.rollings...newoodblvd.html 2. East LOS FM - Camilo (Mexican/Electronica) http://www1.rollings.../eastlosfm.html 3. West Coast Classics - DJ Pooh (Classic Hip-Hop) http://www1.rollings...stclassics.html 4. Rebel Radio - Jesco White (Country/Blues) http://www1.rollings...rebelradio.html 5. Non-Stop-Pop 100.7FM - Cara Delevigne (She looks like she does a LOT of coke!) - (Pop (duh) 6. FlyLo FM - Steve Ellison (Flying Lotus) (Electronica/House) 7. Soulwax FM - Pam Grier 8. Unnamed 80's Boogie/Funk Station (The Blue Ark?)- Bootsy Collins 9. Los Santos Rock Radio - Kenny Loggins (Classic Rock) 10. Radio Los Santos (Returning from San Andreas) (Modern Hip-Hop) 11. Channel X - Keith (Punk) 12. Worldwide FM 13. The Low Down 91.1 14. Radio Mirror Park 15. Space 103.2 16. WCTR (TalK Radio) 17. Blaine County Talk Radio (BCTR) (Talk Radio) The dynamic score is written and performed by Tangerine Dream, Woody Jackson, Alchemist and Oh No. It reacts to who you're playing as and what your character is doing when not listening to the radio.
  5. Hey guys this is my 1st topic, and i just didn't seem to notice a topic on the strategy guides coming out for GTAV . I just wanted to know your thoughts on what might be in the guides and who was pre-ordering the Limited Edition guide, let me know down below.
  6. Rumors have been hinted and flying around for the last few days, of GTA V Previews with the press. And now I've rounded up a collection of information which source these previews: CVG - The first to hint up to two weeks ago if i'm not mistaken. http://www.computera...ld-rules-again/ IGN - Thanks to JamieMilne for providing source. GameInformer Touring The Open World: http://www.gameinfor...eft-auto-v.aspx Your Personal Stamp: http://www.gameinfor...eft-auto-v.aspx The Art of the Heist: http://www.gameinfor...t-in-gta-v.aspx Edge http://www.edge-onli...tars-next-epic/ OPM http://www.officialp...credible-world/ OXM Videogamer http://www.videogame...pated_game.html JeuxVideo (France) http://www.jeuxvideo...o-v-preview.htm GameKings (NL) http://www.gamekings...d-theft-auto-v/ Meristation (Spain) http://www.meristati...1535995/1859784 (Spain) http://www.3djuegos....d-theft-auto-v/ (Italian) - Thanks to Gunsmith117 for providing source. http://multiplayer.i...-la-rapina.html (Italian) http://www.everyeye....anteprima_19448 Kotaku: -Thanks to joshknopp for providing source. more to come i'm sure... Keep an eye on all of these information vendors and be sure to come back here once the previews have been released, for a deep analysis and comparison from the community! Video Podcast: /edit Some of the new features: Extensive Character Customisation; Clothes, Tattoos, Haircuts/Styles, and more Weapon Customisation; Laser sights, scopes, extended clips, and more Car Modding - Pay N Spray Mod Shops; Window tints, body kits, and more Buy Businesses and Properties; Garages, marinas, nightclubs, and more Scuba Diving - Confirmed Hud Bars- Health, Armour, Special HP re-gens to 50% only when critical, and once escaped death. 100% requires hp pickups. Character Attributes System - Stats include; Special, Stamina, Shooting, Strength, Stealth, Flying, Driving, Mechanic Ability, Lung Capacity Character Special Skills: Franklin - Slow-Mo Driving Trevor - Frenzy mode, double damage Michael - Bullet time Rich with Wildlife 3D Radar, like a GPS. Fluidly run & gun from the hip Combat Jog - move high speed with weapons out Combat role - between cover, like Max Payne 3 Improved reticle. Sound cone on HUD, the more noise you make, the more likely you will attract police. Heists consist of "Planning & Prep" followed by "Plan of Attack", and then "Chose a Crew" before executing the job. Discuss.
  7. release date for gta 5 confirmed
  8. I think the topic sums it up. You can explore anywhere you want from the opening of the game. If you were inclined to take a trip and see any particular thing what would it be? Personally I am grabbing some wheels and heading straight for Mt. Chiliad. I wanna drive to the top of it, and then of course drive the car off the edge to my death. That is assuming there is not a readily available parachute up there.
  9. Ok so I thought it would be better to create a seperate thread to the 'Trailer 2 coming next wednesday' one. Official trailer 2 is below, enjoy
  11. So since Microsoft is going hard on this SmartGlass campaign, and are talking about special features for certain games, can we expect something for GTAV? Since the phone is used in game, a "gta phone" opening in SmartGlass or as a separate app would be pretty useful. They said the phone won't be used as much, and it would take a totally different dev team, but an addition like this would be pretty useful. You'd be able to use your phone at anytime at least. Thoughts?
  12. I was playing skyrim on my PS3 and, even after the mass amounts of "patches" it still lags. GTA V looks bigger, badder and more complex than skyrim and that scares me and my Frame Rates. can these last generation consoles handle it? will GTA V lag, especially with the draw distance extended so far? Thoughts?
  13. Most GTA fans will be familiar with the history of Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series but there are always those with questions and queries. Below is a huge GTA infographic (link below) which has been around for a while now but still proves useful as a quick reference guide. http://carinsurance....eYears_page.png IGN recently posted their own take on the history of GTA too: Take The Money And Run Scotland in the mid-80's didn't exist on gaming's radar, but that didn't stop full-time student David Jones from taking a half-done, spare time project – side-scrolling shooter Menace, written on his Commodore Amiga – into a PC expo to show it around and get some feedback. He walked out with multiple offers. Jones picked Psygnosis mostly because at two hundred miles away, the Liverpool-based publisher was the closest of the bunch. There weren't any local developers to hire on with, so Jones founded one to facilitate his "hobby" while finishing up a computer science degree. DMA Design (for Direct Mind Access) delivered Menace in 1987 and won praise for its polished gameplay. After a second successful shooter, Blood Money, hobby shifted to career. DMA started hiring. Full article
  14. Earlier I was watching a video by GTA5Videos on Youtube just to stay updated, and it turns out a new CV has been posted saying the release date for GTA V will be October 2012 according to the CV. Looks legit, considering it also states his work history as a Lead Vehicle Artist for Rockstar. Link to the CV. Don't know how long it will be up.. Video.. Screenshot from GTANF (translated):
  15. Please DO NOT post untill this O.P. ends with "Done". As we all know, arcade games in GTA has become the norm. Games like They Crawled from Uranus, Degenatron, Duality, Pogo the Monkey, Let's Get Ready to Bumble, GoGoSpaceMonkey, and the most recent GTA arcade game, QUEB3D, have all been welcomed with open arms to the GTA Universe. So my question is: What GTA Arcade Game do we want in GTAV? The Arcade Game could be A sequel to an original GTA Arcade Game, or A brand new one. The choice is yours. I would perfer A brand new GTA Arcade Game, that is A GTA spoof of A already popular real life Arcade Game. Games like... SoulFighter SoulFighter would be A side scrolling fighting game similar to StreetFighter that allows you to take control of 3 different female characters to fight your way through waves of more than A dozen horny, enemy souls. The 3 characters would be Princess Robot Bubblegum, Faki (A spoof on SoulCalibur legend Taki), and Chung Lee (A spoof on StreetFighter legend Chun Li) SoulFighter's MAIN MENU SOULFIGHT! Select Charater Select Difficulty Fight! SoulFight will be A standard survival match with 5 levels. 1st level; 5 horny souls, Boss Battle. 2nd level; 10 horny souls, Boss Battle. 3rd level; 15 horny souls, Boss Battle. 4th level; 20 horny souls, Boss Battle. Final level; 25 horny souls Big Boss Battle. All boses can be unlocked as playable characters in 2P/VS! mode 2P/VS MODE! Select Character Select from 3 different Stages Fight! OPTIONS Player Movesets Default Difficulty Sound etc.
  16. So this guy named Glogger posted something about GTAV and now the post is deleted and he is banned from Gamespot.This post was made in the Gamespot forum Here's the the cache to the page: Here is what he wrote Mar 12, 2012 4:22 pm GMT Hello! I am a friend of someone who recently got sacked from RockStar North for general misconduct. Because one contract to RockStar covered everything, including secrecy, and his contractual obligaton was now removed, he was legally allowed to spill the beans on Rockstar's upcoming GTA V. And he is making damn sure everyone knows about it. Here is the info you really want: 1. The protagonist will be one character, and one character alone. His name is (as some rumours said) Albert De Silva. He's a half hispanic man who was once part of a crime family in Vice City. He decided to settle down and have kids in Los Santos. He has one son called Kevin De Silva who is your stereotypical CoD player. He's lazy, useless and shouts racial abuse online and is really into FPS games. Kevin does admire his Dad though. 2. Multiplayer will hold 32 people on the Xbox and PS3. I wasn't told how many were able to be on the PC. Just like in RDR, players will be able to form Gangs. These gangs are not ranked through XP anymore, but via Reputation. Instead of gang hideouts, you can do jobs that range from robbing a launderette to breaking into a military base and stealing state-of-the-art weaponary. The Gang leader has much more control over his or her gang by being able to rank members of their gang and setting more specific objectives to specific members of their gang. Gangs can have their own terratory but this only applies to areas inside the city of Los Santos. 3. The map is about 5x as large as the GTA IV map and the City of Los Santos takes up just under half of this area (so it's a bit bigger than 2 GTA IV Liberty Cities). The map is (like most GTAs) seperated into three different sections. 4. Planes are flyable, they range from World War 2 fighter planes to Private Jets. 5. Cars and guns are customisable to an extent, for example, you can cusomise a gun to have a supressor on it and you can install nitrous into cars. Here's some stuff you might like: 1. The protagonist is the "rich guy" from the GTA V debut trailer. You get to learn more about this man in the second when he talks about his troubles. You only see the protagonist twice in the trailer. First time is the side of his face and second time is when he is driving a Deceptor (Audi R8). The people robbing the jewellery store are just with the protagonist. He is driving the van ready to get away. 2. Gunfights are more realistic. When you are shooting a gun out of a window of a car, depending on how fast it's going you will have troubles aiming due to shaking cameras. 3. The game is due in May 2013. A more specific date has not been decided because the game is still needing 6 months to be fully developed. They will have a playable demo at E3. 4. Police chases are now way more than either running or driving. Depending on how wanted you are, police may bring out riot shields and flash bangs. 5. When someone reaches 4 star wanted level, there will be a radio warning on some stations. 6. Radio stations now do traffic reports that are actually correct. So if you don't know what route to take, you can check the traffic reports on your phone or the radio. 7. The in-game TV now has many more channels 8. Admin edit: Spoiler for previous Rockstar Games 9. The underworld actually has a working economy that you can contribute too by buying and selling drugs, weapons and illegal cars in single player. 10. The protagonist can take drugs which will have some effects. But smoking weed on the streetwalk will lead to getting a one star wanted level. 11. Police cars will go after you if you're obviousely breaking the speed limit. Having high speed crashes will also damage your health. Wanted levels: 1 star - police follow you on foot and try to make an arrest. No sirens, no car chases (unless you are speeding). 2 star - police will still attempt to make an arrest. If a weapon is drawn then the police will begin opening fire. Police will use stun guns if a weapon is not drawn. 3 star - Chases begin and the police don't care how they stop you, they just want to do it. 4 star - road traps, radio stations and much more hostile police.Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 24 in-game hours for someone matching your description. 5 star - shoot to kill, arrest only if it's made very possible. Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 48 in-game hours for someone matching your description. Few missions become unavailable if you are wanted. 6 star - military vehicles come after you. Even when you have evaded them, they will still search for 72 in-game hours for someone matching your description. Some missions become unavailable if you are wanted. Hope this is useful!
  17. what clues did we see that lead up to the conclusion to the new gta 5? i remember the one sign in the porn shop, (ready for the explosion) will this be the exposion??
  18. So as crime is the one of the dominant themes in all GTA games, what types of crimes are you looking for? Here is a short list of what I would love to see: - Ability to rob pedestrians if they are in a secluded area, pick pocket, Break and Enter almost ANY house (With different difficulty levels), Rob any store, not only clothes shops and internet cafes, and jacking individual parts from cars. - Drug dealing, simiar to CTW, but maybe slightly harder as it was easy to become a millionaire in CTW. Also, I would like the AI to have drug deals, and the protagonist to have the ability to ambush these deals and take everything. - Ability to ambush someone in a dark alley, and "dispose" of their body, such as dumping in the sea, in a manhole, garbage can etc... And visible bodily damage similar but improved from RDR. I would also like to see dynamic AI commiting crimes as well, it would make the game much more realistic. - A Gang system similar to San Andreas but improved. Such as taking over a territory, and in each area there is a "clubhouse" similar to TLAD where all your gangmembers chill. - Bribing cops to let you off with crimes. There must be more, but this is all I can think of for now. What do you think? Anything to add, or anything you think isn't good?
  19. A number of details have leaked and a Rockstar representative has apparently confirmed that some of the leaks are real, however would not specify which ones. What we've seen (potential spoilers below): - A still picture of a table with pictures, a gift box and a plane ticket labelled Liberty City > San Andreas for a Mr. Niko Bellic. The ticket can be found on the R* social site after moving a few things around. - YoungMaylay (the voice actor of CJ from San Andreas) making a ton of tweets about Grand Theft Auto 5 since the announcement. - A list of characters who need voice actors that went through a talent agency used by Rockstar. The names and descriptions of the characters match that of GTA-styled characters. What we've heard: - That the game will not have a single central character, but that you will play through the story of several different characters. - That the game will take place in a larger San Andreas, with a much larger Las Venturas (based on Las Vegas), a Hawaii-styled island, and addition to Los Santos (Los Angeles) and San Fierro (San Francisco) there will be a new Chicago-based area as well as a Washington, D.C.-based area. - That one of the characters (possibly playable) will have a Welsh accent and continuously complain about the heat since they are used to the cooler temperatures of their home in Switzerland. Since the site has gone up, Rockstar has changed the V to show a picture within it as well as a set of co-ordinates. A collection of said co-ordinates have been compiled below: Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI, USA Lighthouse, Port Washington, WI, USA Interstate 94 Highway, USA Pink Palace Of The Rainbow Motel, Chicago, IL, USA Red Light Restaurant, Chicago, IL, USA Viking Ski Shop Inc, Chicago, IL, USA O'hare International Airport, Chicago IL, USA Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, HI, USA Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, USA Graham Builders Inc, Honolulu, HI, USA Star of Honolulu Cruises & Events, Honolulu, HI, USA Shanghai Red's Restaurant, Marina del Rey, CA, USA Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Washington, D.C, USA