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  1. I would say the combat bears closest resemblance to Guild Wars 2 with a touch of Neverwinter thrown in. I have noticed a bit of input lag, particularly with melee characters, but hopefully this will be addressed soon. I have yet to try crafting or PVP.
  2. I have it for PC. It's pretty good so far and has the potential to be amazing when new maps etcetera get added. I quite like the clean UI although certain elements really should be toggleable for those who want them; I'd be happy with a speech bubble option in particular as I think the chat leaves a bit to be desired, and an FOV slider would make first person view viable (I'm fairly certain they are working on this already though).
  3. This has got me interested. At the very least, it has to be better than Colonial Marines.
  4. ^If he has a monitor with that kind of resolution, it stands to reason that his PC is not a potato... Just sayin.
  5. I only have a lowly two-car garage, so far. I have a Sultan RS and the Elegy RH8 in it.
  6. Chillin' in the mountains with a price on my head.
  7. I grew up with this sort of movie so I enjoyed it, despite it being predictable enough for me to guess the order that everyone dies within the first half hour. If you don't overanalyze, it's not a bad film at all.
  8. Get Sprunked is now recruiting for PS3. We are fairly casual and pretty much anyone can join. Add me on Socialclub if you are interested.
  9. I actually thought that he was Jonah Hill until I looked up the cast, very similar voice.
  10. Trevor after a night filled with good music and hipster bashing.
  11. I thought it could've been a bit longer, but maybe that's just because I enjoyed the missions.
  12. So far I've seen coyotes, mountain lions, sharks, fish, elk, rats, seagulls, wild boar, cows, chickens and (of course) dogs.