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  1. Yah Psy nailed it. If it is dollar notes, I'm going to assume Psy is a R* employee.
  2. Again, there are several accents associated with NYC. Linguists like to believe that there's one New York dialect called, not surprisingly, the New York Dialect. U a linguist? lol
  3. Are you getting the box set? I'm too fucking poor to get it but I hear its got bonus material from all 4 albums. Nah i download music cause im poor too
  4. Im thinkin the lead character will be younger cause Niko was older AND Max, in Max Payne 3, is older. Havin a younger dude would mix it up.
  5. Fuck you and your video game industry knowledge mr. im a 3d modeler/one sexy son of a bitch.
  6. a blu-ray disk for ps3 can easily handle 4x the size of liberty city :-P Yeah i know that, but if you read the whole sentence you would realize I said XBOX. Xbox uses DVD, and DVD wouldn't be able to handle a map of such detail at such a size, and GTA has become a multi-platform game now, so it would have to be made for the weakest link (xbox) and ported to PS3. *cough* multi-discs*cough*
  7. Maybe those ARE the pics they took? U a R* employee leaking their source photography??!?11
  8. I just hope he is so I can stare at that fantastic mangina the entire time Im playing GTA V
  9. Cool to think the R* dude studied perhaps the exact same pics or even went to those places.
  10. Who else thinks this dude is an adbot for wal mart? XD
  11. This times a million. Packie was pretty young so they could even make him a bit older and make bigger. He was funny shit. Fav character from GTA IV. I'd be stoked if it was him. going along the idea since Niko was the voice over for GTA IV, the voice over for the GTA V trailer would be the lead. BUT in the IV trailer they blatantly showed Niko and made it clear he was the lead. The V trailer they did show the character. Maybe because they didnt want the fans to think that was the lead character. Huuuuummmmmm? edit sig \/
  12. GTA is a life of crime, not the fat bastards harassing the public. Although it was funny to punch a fat cop in GTA IV and practically walk away because he is too slow to catch me. But that would be pretty fun, maybe as a minigame or if you get in a police vehicle, some vigilante mission. I dont think a GTA lead character is gonna worry about meeting a ticket quota. Cop missions in IV were perfect. Almost makes sense for a Psychopath like Niko to jack a cop car and kill some criminals he hears about for fun.
  13. Ebay probably wont even let the transaction finalize. It's too stupid.
  14. I'm a Rockstar employee so I can tell you officially that it's fake. Update the main website page with this information.....
  15. If you don't know where I am from by now then ur probably a newb.
  16. Yah i was thinkin BS as I was reading it. It was enough go give me a half-chub but you killed it with that comment.
  17. Totally. IV's cars sounded worse than SA, VC and even gta iii