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  1. Where do you find this marijuana guy? Closest I've come to is the story mission and if that trip is anything to go by, I'm keen to see more, especially Trevor's since
  2. I dislike that I can't get my car to the top of Mt. Chiliad (well, the ones I've tried, including a couple of 4-wheel-drives) since the roads at the top are too steep, Forced to abandon my vehicle, I was killed by a mountain lion. Got him back next try though. Not a major issue by any means, I'd just like to recreate my old Mt. Chiliad runs from SanAndreas, Even though this time
  3. 3 hours to go here in New Zealand. Pity I have a big day at work tomorrow, I should really have taken this week off, oh well, I have waited this long, I can wait a few more hours.
  4. CE is sold out all through New Zealand. I didn't get there in time,. I had to settle for the special edition. That's fine, I only wanted that car garage but I'm sure it or something similar will be available to me further into the storyline. The electric car on the other hand... I believe that customization will be available to everyone but the classic era character skins are exclusive to the CE. I'm not too worried about that, I'm quite happy creating my own character anyway.
  5. Those vineyard vines look like a destructible environment to me. I'm 95% certain you will be able to wreak havoc on SanAndreas' wine industry by ripping through them The flood canals look awesome with the water running through them. I hope the water levels rise after a rain storm that would be epic.
  6. Same here. I don't mind collectibles being spoiled but I don't want to know anything of the story missions until I'm playing it through.
  7. I don't see why not though. A horse is a horse, a coyote is a coyote. I personally wouldn't care if they were ported over from RDR if it gave the dev team more time to work on other things.
  8. It wont be the PS4. That console wont be released for another year or even two. Rockstar wont be delaying things THAT long.
  9. Chop looks like he's choking on a chihuahua. I love it, it's awesome, Chop looks insane as hell. Another great picture from the dude who is a big influence on my own art.
  10. I actually like this glitch. Sometimes I can be on a deserted street and need a car. I just change the view a few times and a car will magically appear. Never the one I want, but it does the job until I get back to a more populated part of the map.
  11. V era Los Santos being the same size as the SanAndreas version doesn't make sense with what Rockstar are saying. They're saying they kept it to one city so they could do it right, and focus on making a diverse and sprawling city. The re-imagined Los Santos would then be much larger, the Game Informer article certainly left me with that impression. I think based on what I've seen over the last few weeks the new Los Santos will be much like the new Liberty City, much bigger and closer to Los Angeles than it's predecessor.
  12. I want to see a good selection of tracks from the SoCal punk scene. Bands like The Offspring, NOFX, Social Distortion, Pennywise. I'd be happy to hear a radio station dedicated to the genre. I'd also like to see some Sublime in the mix as well. Aside from the punk scene, another talk radio show from Lazlow, but that's pretty much a given.
  13. They might be holding the trailer until after the elections so no-one is distracted.