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  1. Yah it would be fun to go through an occupy camp and merk all hippies.
  2. I've said it before. I doubt they will do it, and yes it would be kinda cheesy/ABD. But I'd welcome it anyways cause Undead Nightmare was SO well done. That and R* would for sure add more features to it to make it stand out from the other one. Not to mention I'd love to pay only 10 bucks again for such an amazing DLC.
  3. I got MCLA for like 20 bucks. Totally worth it
  4. whisky and rum whisky wise, i get Canadian club cause its cheap. i love jack tho. rum wise im less particular, but i like sailor jerrys the most. u try that new jack yet? its like, jack with honey. i wanna try it so fucking bad. not drinkin this weekend tho cause im sick
  5. Pretty much knew that but not bad poking around. Maybe not all new members are useless lol.
  6. I saw a band in the related section off a Sabaton FB post and saw the name powerwolf. with a name like that i knew they had to be awesome. lol
  7. QD wasn't making a cereal post man. It was super uncereal. edit too OP See fig 1.2 [My signature]
  8. http://grooveshark.com/#/album/Dystopia/7075201 iced earths new album. give it a listen. just started, tell ya what i think later
  9. The friend system in YLaD was a lot better. Progress went up faster and they didn't call you much and it found it didnt really do down.
  10. Posts lol. fucking hate having the very last post at the buttom of the page. most will miss it
  11. its gta sa. look at the size of the satellite dishs are big like in the pic in the OP. hell this pic look like the exact same one. from the same angle. the one in gta v doesnt have the big dishs. and the hill has way more detial. and you can see shadows from one letter going on to another. better lighting. NOT gta v
  12. Saw all those and i dont remember him in them lol. but i did recognize him in the show so i prolly just have to watch those again, but yah he playes a good part in the show.
  13. Well for sure they couldn't now. It would be way to similar. I aint holding my breath tho. i dont think R* are into movies. Never had interest in a GTA one. And after Max Payne (which I havent seen but heard from everyone it was shit) I dont think they will dabble in another movie. And I knew I recognized that black dude from somewhere. What other shit was common? {I know hes a rapper or some shit}
  14. ' So I've been watching Hell on wheels and I immediately thought of RDR. Pretty similar lead dude. The show is pretty awesome tho. anyone see it?
  15. If there's one thing you can learn from porn is that latin girls have nice big butts and they aren't afraid to get them penetrated.
  16. DiO


    Dont got one, dont want one. Dont hate on them either. Just not for me. A lot of people are surprised when they find out I have no tats, lol. edit Theres me with temp tats at an 80s party.
  17. Voted for all the cities. I really dont have an opinion on what i think it will be. just what i want it to be. with all 3 cities the game will be more diverse.
  18. Fuck it, why not lol. They can port over horses and a wagon from RDR.
  19. You look like you're ready to taEk a cum-shot.
  20. ......THEN killed immediately afterwards. Money stolen from dead hookers sounds good