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Found 7 results

  1. this topic is reserved for setting up events and discussing rules... if you have questions, post them here... if you want to see if anyone wants to play right now, ask here... PS3/XBOX events will be organized and drawn up in here first, to keep the section from being cluttered with random matches... we have been having success with a bi-weekly deathmatch on the PS3... but i would like to see the same interest with the XBOX, perhaps playing an event on alternating weeks... i want to gauge interest for that in this topic too... if anyone is interested, please start the discussion in here!! i am going to start reaching out to social networks too, so i want this to be the topic for those new members who are interested to talk about it... there's been talks of moving these events to team deathmatches if we can get enough people interested, but i wouldn't mind seeing other events being scheduled too... like maybe a GTA race session, or cops and robbers... so this topic is the overall multiplayer event organizing topic... ========================= to get things started, i will be setting up the next PS3 deathmatch topic on monday... any preferences?? i think i found out how to set up the match as auto-aim off... was anyone able to auto aim last time?? if no one was able to, i now know how to toggle that option on and off for future matches, it's up to the host to set those online preferences before a match... and you can't set it as "don't care" it has to be set to "off"... i am pretty sure friendly fire and police can be set up the same way... anyone want to play with cops next time??
  2. I really hope by the next GTA they improve the online multiplayer experience a lot. Sure they had the basics on IV, but i really hope - for instants; we can have large freeroam sessions, where you can have say 50-100 players per map. Instead of just being able to kill each other, they should have the freeroam as a sort of hub to start matches, freeroam missions, join gangs/clans, in-which you can have planned matched for turf influence. Maybe a little like what they did with RDR but more. There is so much potential for online multiplayer, that R* North and GTA V could re-invent the genre once again. Make some of your own suggestions that you think would enhance the multiplayer experience on GTA, so we can all discuss it. You never know, R* could see some of our suggestions and implement them!
  3. I don't know about you guys, but when I saw the internet in GTA 4 for the first time, it gave me ideas! What about a social network IN gta 5? Like the thing nintendo did for the 3ds! ( i forgot what it's called) and gangs with your friends in multiplayer!
  4. ----------------------------------------- MONDAY, FEBUARY 4TH, 2013 @ 6:00 PM (EST) 11:00 PM (GMT) -------------------------------------------- HOST: Ku Zi Mu PLATFORM: PS3 AIM: CASUAL (EXPERT IF DESIRED) We'll play a couple of Free For All Deathmatches and a couple of Free For All Goldrushes. Team Matches may follow if we have enough participants. There's not much more else to make clear. RDR's multiplayer isn't as customized as GTAIV If you wanna play, give me your PSN ID. PARTICIPANTS: Ku Zi Mu gtagrl Bronson (maybe) bOnEs GODFATHER (You're playin, honky ) ViceMan (maybe) Qd (maybe) JamieMilne
  5. Right, so me and my mates used to have a real entertaining routine on GTA IV a couple years back. Online free mode, private of course, with cops and no team killing. 1. Everyone stocks up on all the guns, explosives, ammo, and armour they can. 2. Everyone meets up at a designated location. 3. There will be one or two getaway drivers, depending on the number of robbers - you've all got to fit in the fucking van right? 4. Drive to the law firm down in south Manhatten - the robbers get out while the getaway driver waits round the north-eastern street corner in the van. 5. The robbers go fucking nuts, blowing people away in every direction, aiming to achieve 6 stars. You have to use your imagination, attaining 6 stars representing the vaults being cleared. 6. The robbers make a break for it out of the north-eastern window, jumping to the street below to get into the getaway van. You've got to be careful though, the cops will be on you like flys on shit - watch eachothers backs. 7. The getaway driver will then speed off to the helicopter. 8. You then fly to a specific building in North West Manhatten, about 15 stories high, with the ability to climb up and down the fire escape/ladders. 9. From the roof/fire escapes, the firefight continues. Cops will try to get up the building, heli's will try and gun you down. Work as a team and hold out for as long as possible. To make the whole thing more interesting. When someone dies, they should try and stock up on a few essentials ASAP and try and go to the prison to be picked up by the heli while the others continue the shoot-out on the roofs. It's probably best to specify the spawning area on the game options to make it easier. The record me and my mates had without anyone dying was about 20 minutes since the 6th star was attained. Trust me, it's pretty fucking tough, but real fun. I haven't tried doing this on the TBOGT yet, but I can imagine that C4's and parachutes will make this a whole lot more fun. The one thing I will note though, is that for the first part - the robbery - the getaway driver will need to be patient and wait, if they go crazy and get stars, it will make the getaway seriously difficult. We do rotate the getaway driver though, so out of 4 try's, everyone will have their turn. So I'm down to set one of these matches up if anyone else is up for it??
  6. well ive started a crew called Power house deticated to causing mayhem in gta5 with muscle cars. and the point is i don't have max payne and would like to get some stats. and i would like to know if you in a crew and your gimic or style. and please join power house
  7. Platform: PS3 Location: Colony Island Duration: 45 mins Auto-Aim: OFF (Voted for 3/2 in favour) Weapons: Powerful Police: OFF Traffic: Medium Pedestrians: OFF Blips: ON Online I.D Display: ON Reticule Health: ON Voice Chat: ON Respawn Distance: Medium Respawn Time: 1 sec Time of Day: Morning Weather: Clear Dogs: OFF Rape: ON No leaving the designated map or glitching. Winner chooses next event settings. Confirmed Players & Sony Entertainment Network I.D: Marney1 [Marney-1] TreeFitty [therealtreefitty] ViceMan [ViceyThaShizzle] Psy [Psycopsy] bOnEs [artistadam] DuPz0r [bushkaUK] Ku Zi Mu 789 [kuz789] gtagrl [gtagrl] the truth [deathbymanson] Post your iGTA5 member name and SEN I.D. to join the list. FINAL RESULTS