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  1. I hope so too. I think that they may release a second trailer on that date (my cousin thinks the game will come out on that day :').
  2. I posted this on GTAForums, so I figured I'd post it here too: I was just chatting with my cousin in Yahoo messenger, when he asked me if I saw the most recent tweet that Rockstar Games put out. I was not logged in to twitter at the time, so I immediately did so, to see if I could find the aforementioned tweet. I scrolled through the most recent tweets in my timeline and did not see anything from Rockstar. Luckily my cousin hadn't left the page yet, so he decided to screencap it, and send it to me. It seems to me that Rockstar either put out the tweet too early, or they only wanted it to be up for a certain amount of time. Either way, I attached the picture that my cousin sent me (I cropped it and drew over his username so he wouldn't get a ton of messages or whatever). Did anybody else see this tweet? What do you think it is, a possible release date for trailer #2?
  3. You can try, i'm not going to tell you how but suffice to say the end result is bannination and a good anal fisting from QD for seven hours straight. So there's good and bad in doing it. In for a penny........... for a pounding.
  4. A supposed Rockstar employee decided to leak a picture of the Los Santos map via his twitter account. I'm not sure if what he said is true or if the picture is real, but I've uploaded it so you can judge for yourself. His twitter account "" has since been deleted. UPDATE:Big surprise here, Kotaku has since confirmed it was indeed a fake.
  5. There was a dog at the beginning too, it's about time they added animals.
  6. Love Fist and Madd Dogg are still around according to IV. Maybe they can show up on one of the television shows or with a new song on the radio. Or better yet they could do a Rap/Rock collaboration.
  7. I want to see a 1977 Trans Am SE just like the one The Bandit has.
  8. Shirtless cage match? 3 men enter, only one walks out.... It wouldn't be the first time I've killed just so I can get something for free, probably won't be the last either.
  9. I too picked the 23rd of October, it's one day off from being exactly 8 years since San Andreas released.
  10. Why are people thinking D.C? Explain to me what signs point there. The dollar sign I guess. I personally hope it's not set there, it sounds too boring.
  11. As you know GTA IV featured the comedians Ricky Gervais, Kat Williams and Frankie Boyle at the Split Sides comedy clubs. I personally really liked this feature and I hope it gets brought back in GTA V. Another inclusion in the game could be bands or artists, after all Vice City Stories featured a Phil Collins concert. I personally think that comedians and bands are a must, especially if the game is once again set in San Andreas, the acts could headline shows on The Strip in Las Venturas. So if Rockstar once again decides to put comedians and possibly bands in GTA V who would you like to see? The comedians I'd like to see would be Louie CK, David Cross (Zero from San Andreas), Chris Rock, Billy Connolly and maybe even a return from Mr. Gervais. For concerts, I could totally see Snoop Dogg being up for it, but I'd also like to see The Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis Costello, David Bowie or Phil Collins and his band Genesis.
  12. I think Los Santos/Vinewood is definitely in the game, and is probably where most of the story takes place. I'm hoping that the entire state of San Andreas is in as well. Can you imagine what Las Venturas would be like? The strip could have 20-25 casinos each with a different theme: a Liberty City casino in the vein of New York, New York, and re-done versions of Caligula's Palace and The Camel Toe etc. I'm not even sure if this is plausible or not, but if the GTA V disc just includes Los Santos/Vinewood maybe Rockstar could offer the other cities that complete the state as DLC.