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  1. You can replay each option for the final mission. But you get a warning screen before letting you know that once the mission is finished, you will return to that current moment. So you can't change the end you originally chose.
  2. No Trailer #1 didn't reveal anything at all. Apart form the confirmation it was set in Los Santos.... Trailer #2 is epic! What did trailer 2 reveal that we didnt already know? i like the trailer i just thought the first one was better. Well first off, we got to see a fuck load more of the environment (as we did in the first). We got to see the protagonists in action, and how they interact among one another, as well as how they act in their own personal lives. We saw some awesome train/yacht/car stealing/heists. And other crazy looking stunts/mini-games. We saw parts of missions as well. Also, there's a chance that this trailer was due to be released before Game Informer, so the characters, and map locations would have been completely new information. Did i really have to point out the obvious? That does not reveal anything, next time choose your words better. And i liked the trailer, i just liked the first one more, i dont no why your trying to argue with me about like a 12 year old. I can have my own opinion bro. HAHAHA WHAT!?
  3. I personally don't want to see actual gameplay. Feel like it will take something away from playing the game the first time. I predict one more trailer. Mid Feb with a release date. After IGN's wrapped up their coverage in the next 2 days (won't be anything major I imagine, will be inferior to that trailer almost certainly) a break. Christmas time/New Year, few screens. Screens etc. up to release day.
  4. Wasn't too keen on Trevor from my initial thoughts on the GI article. But from the trailer, he's my favourite. Character textures don't look like a massive leap ahead of IV, still good non the less. Is it me, or does Trevor look a lot more finished off graphic wise than the others? How long before we hear 'Franklin is CJ's son'. Looks phenomenal, I have no idea how else to describe it.
  5. Deffinite mention on dogs, have a feeling there was a mention of birds also. Cant get to grips with why people are complaining about map size and the other features. Multiple protags, understandable that people are weary. But really. Twitter blew up with people saying, 'the maps rediculous. RIP GTA'. And even some saying the attention to detail will be too much. Really? I for one cannot wait.
  6. Whoever posted the link to the in order pages had a profile for each protag. Wasn't stoked on 3 protags initially. After reading the article, Im looking forward to it. Level of detail sounds incredible. Cleared up near everything people queried about the 1st trailer. Cannot wait for the 2nd trailer now. Now we know whats in the game, prediction is that the 2nd trailer will show a hell of a lot more of whats in the article in action.
  7. Prefer the UK Office to US, yet still like both. Prefer older comedy, such as Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers. US side, older Simpsons like lots have all ready stated. Family Guy, all the usuals. More a fan of stand up than comedy shows myself.
  8. i think its actually a stunt plain like from san andreas theses screenshots are amazing, i love the infernus but i wish they would change it up, looks the same from IV, and the guy with a AK-47 really looks like packie to me, he looks like he got a green shirt, blue pants and he is bald but i could be wrong, and i kinda dont like how helicopters go that low now. Looks too hispanic to be Packie to me. And what do you mean how helicopters go that low? They go as low as you want them too, always have done. And if you mean it looks lower than the police flew in IV, then it is still pretty high compared to the water it is above.
  9. I imagine answers as to some questions raised from the new screens in the next asked and answered. Then hopefully a trailer next month.
  10. Grizzly

    360 vs PS3

    I was just stating that was how it came across. Obviously touched a nerve or two.
  11. Last one does look like a mission, unless they have somehow implemented a jump and grab type action. Don't know what to make of the protagonist thoughts now. Seems like its leaning towards playing as 2, but you never know. Plane pic looks awesome.