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  1. I wanna go to this http://www.heavyto.com/ tell as I lay dying and billy talent to fuck off and it would be even better.
  2. I was thinking that when I was watching. I agree that the latest season hasn't been the funniest and neither was the last...but Im pretty sure the one before that was and they still have good eps in them. Royal Pudding is for sure one of my top fav eps.
  3. the jumbo jet looks interesting.
  4. pretty much. they way peeps to come play and play the game. they'll get more playtime out of online dlc than single player dlc.
  5. fucking corporate aholes for delaying it. get a fucking soul and let the fans hear Chucks last works. glad they resolved that shit.
  6. bros band has a gig. bout to leave for it. gonna be tits
  7. That free games download we get for the welcome back shit...Im hoping I can get the rockstar pass with that. that would be KILLER.
  8. How the fuck Control Denied make a 2nd album? I heard about that from you a long time ago but I am now just wondering.
  9. Psy's guides are always the best
  10. Pretty interesting way to price DLC. IDK if its still worth it. Those cases better be long as fuck.
  11. That sounds pretty good. I should check it out. Edit New vid
  12. You didn't bother with hidden cars? are you fucking mental. The hidden cars are fucking amazing and it only takes 1/2 a second to get one. Set a marker and make ur partner drive to one.
  13. I think I got a wrong conviction on the lipstick killer case. I think dude was framed. w/e. Ill do differently on my next playthrough. This game is fucking cool.
  14. Yah no problems here either.
  15. Well if ur aint gonna pay attention to the last two parts ull be unaware and before you know it u'll be locked in my basement with Qd's penis up ur butt.
  16. Turn up the TV or get a hearing aid and stop ur bitching. This game is cool as fuck. good review bones. Ya say its just as repetitive as any R* game...but Like I always say every game you play will be repetitive. Unless of course your playing GTA San Andreas. I think everyone is more critical about repetitiveness [in this game, gta4 and RDR] because there was SO much side shit in SA. That and they are open world so you have this freedom. Every FPS is shoot this and blow up that. Anywhom, the cars in this game are fucking awesome. Way cooler cars then GTA. 1940s cars are nifty as fuck. they have these "hidden cars" that are parked in garages. They will always spawn there and you just go get them. Most of them are like 1940s concept cars. I poo my pants everytime I go get a new one. My only big complaint is the driving is way too fucking easy like it was in the last-gen gta games. They probably did this because if you kill so many peds you fail the case but i'd rather have that extra challenge. After GTA I miss the realistic driving.
  17. Yah brucie's autobody was a fucking tease. It's almost like they intended on having car mods when they wrote the brucie character then scrapped it.
  18. pfft this guy was nit picking and bitching like he just wanted it to be heavy rain. Saying they tied in too many traditional game play elements. If they didnt do that it would pretty much be heavy rain. It's a heavy rain type/gta crossover.