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  1. Dam eh? We've been warned.
  2. Yah there really wasn't anything to buy besides weapons but if you dont get busted and pick ammo off dead fuckers then even that wasnt much of an expense. The car modding in Mafia II was pretty cool. It actually had performance upgrades. And since Mafia 2 had some kind of car modding, that leads me to believe the next gta will.
  3. Yupp. EB games just called me and told me it comes out on tuesday. Like I didnt know.
  4. DiO

    PSN Thread

    It's up in Canada. Updated but couldnt sign in last night. I figure it should be running everywhere now.
  5. I wonder what happens if you jump into the tar. I never understood doing that. Ruining the beginning of the game... +1. I can't do that for any game. Although i don't mind looking at the map and watching trailers... That ill do cause they just give you little bits from various parts of the game. Lol someone must have -1 on that post.
  6. I never understood doing that. Ruining the beginning of the game...
  7. Lmfao, back to cartridges....well kinda anyways.
  8. any of you hear this band before? pretty fuckin good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ey_8BHipdSc
  9. DiO

    PSN Thread

    I know. I miss my Skate 3 buddies. lol
  10. Lmfao, totally. 150 is too much tho. I'd totally pay 50 for a decent fedora.
  11. It fucking better. Not expecting anything crazy. Maybe just a little more than SA.
  12. Dont get ur honour mad low. The dark horse is fucking slow. Just be a cunt while wearing the bandanna.
  13. Beat it again and Im doing all the stranger missions with Jack. Its kinda funny cause I start some with John and in the cutscenes the character didn't acknowledge it was a different person...YEARS later. Also, after giving that dude the deed for that pleasance place, I merked him with a throwing knife, looted his body and got the deed back. I lol'd. Same with Jenny...The faith chick dying in the desert. After I gave her the medicine, I burned her sexy ass with a fire bottle. Looted her and got the medicine back. Good attention to detail R*....like always.
  14. I agree. I think its gonna be less like GTA than RDR was. And if not whatever..Ill still love it. Just beat RDR again. Fuck i love that game. I've never played a rockstar game I didnt like. Bully was a lot different and it was fucking great. I loved the warriors too.
  15. AAABDEILMNNOS A Demon's labia. Plus an extra N. Man this topic is full of win. So from what I gather, just because some dumbfuck reporters in the past lied about his death a bunch of people dont believe the govt's word on it? Sure they lie a lot but I dont think they would about something like this. Plus after all these years, why lie now?
  16. DiO


    At first I thought this topic said METHLAB.
  17. Haa what the fuck? I wonder what kind of medals the soldiers that killed Osama are gonna get. I bet more than one of them is gonna write a book. Cash in motherfuckers.
  18. That dont mean the scale of the LA Noire map is right. Not saying the map is gonna be small. I figure itll be a good size.
  19. How do ya know the scale is correct?
  20. Finally got around to reading this cause I pre-ordered LA Noire the other day Was there some sort of competition going on to see who could stand with their legs furthest apart? Is there a pocket pool competition going on? Did you smell your hands afterward too see if they smelled like dick?
  21. even though i cant see your mouth you look mad happy. lmfao. Just the gleam in ur pretty blue eyes.
  22. Go deko style and take a pic of ur actual shit.....then penis. Is deko around here yet?
  23. I figure they can. Rep systems are always whored.
  24. New Mercanry album out. It sounds pretty mainstream like I thought it would. meh so far only listened it off youtube. another band you can call dead. They'd never top 11 Dreams without Kral anyways. the ablum will prolly grow on me a bit but...
  25. I wonder if Iced Earth tried to ask Tim Ripper back. And dont talk about IE ending. That makes me a sad panda.