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  1. I think it would be cool if there could be broken bones like say you r running from the cops then u jump off a fifteen foot bridge and u break a leg npcs could break bones to but not to realistic
  2. I can't wait for this game would it be cool if they made a assasins creed game in this time period with cars and guns cities etc
  3. Do u guys remember when call of duty was enjoyable and wasn't all about multiplayer
  4. Sex and candy bad bitches sky is the limit down with the sickness some Gucci mane songs no hands. Big rock candy mountain
  5. Ya u go in this rednecks yard and throw a bottle break his window he grabs a log pole 2by 4 whatever and chases u or throws stuff at u y u run away that would be fun
  6. I would like in the game if there was like this prick cop kinda like tennpenny but not dirty and through the game he is trying to get evidence to take u down but anyways I would want them more realistic to a certain point
  7. Well I loved GTA 4 story but some of the missions were quite boring at times and i would like about ten big heists in GTA 5 that would be great maybe some robberies like off the movie the town which is good and i recommend it does anyone think GTA 4 would of made a great movie?
  8. Ya and I also don't want this game to be like the sims
  9. Ya like the driver on the van ends up in that red car after uhe changed out of the red outfit and him and the white guy get in cars to split up The guy talking gets arrested and he is being questioned by the police and he tells the events leading up to the robbery and u play it through the game then u escape jail before u go to prison and story continues
  10. I predict we will be the white guy or one of those black guys who would have a white voice??
  11. I also think I really can't wait for the trailer I even watch old trailers just to get excited
  12. I want to see some of the story not alot though some shooting protag basic stuff
  13. Xbox because I have one and it would be stupid for ps3 exclusive and I don't really no the difference in graphics ps3 Xbox PC I don't notice a difference
  14. I would like a option to put on a seat belt and the crashes in IV were fine maybe just improved a little
  15. Easiest is in 4 where u drive Michelle and Romans sexy girlfriend home the hardest was probably was the last mission on vice city stories
  16. This thread is stupid I think GTA wouldn't be the same without some gore if anything they need more
  17. There has to be and will be a ghetto or more in the game in thettailer were that guy was run in in the street from the cops that looks like the ghetto to le and had the shoes over the power line in sure that means drugs are sold there
  18. 1 star should start off as military maybe aliens next?
  19. I want more info I'm getting pissed fuck me Just thought of something the guy speaking in the trailer could be a guy who scrues u over at the start and at the end u hold him gunpoint and u say why did u come here then he tells his story Or it could start that way then u play through the story that would be weird tho