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  1. Def leopard acdc mettalica motley crue Louisiana woman missisipi man should be in the game
  2. I want the story to be about 300 missions long I know that's alot but as long as it's entertaining and keeps me busy for the next GTA
  3. Having a badass protagonist then at the end u have to play as some little bitch like in red dead lack of cheats And if your guy is homosexual the protagonist I mean
  4. I live in Indiana I lived in many towns I was born in Bloomington Indiana I lived in Indianapolis Greencastle terre haute Martinsville paragon which is where I got in my first fight farmersburg Indiana was voted most ignorant place to live in America the movie original gangsters was based on a true story in Gary Indiana were Michael Jackson was born mike epps is from Indiana he has a song named gone back to Indiana look it up it will show u what some of Indianapolis is like I don't no how to post links or pics sry Larry bird is from French lick Indiana the kkk is there and much more of this fantastic place the Indy 500 is here also its the crossroads of America u have to go through us to get somewhere better
  5. Does max Payne's delay have anything to do with the lack of GTA 5 info
  6. I like hoe in the trailer it shows that jeep going under the overpass and there's people In the back that's a cool addition to the game
  7. Mean ass dogs who bite postman in the ass like off of the movie friday
  8. Monte Carlo. El Camino trashy price of shit cars four wheelers
  9. I really enjoyed the first one the second I didn't really like I don't think I like ezio at all I think his name was Altair from the first he was badass
  10. I don't see the protagonist robbing stores because he is frustrated I couldn't see the story evolving around that but it's about the pursuit of money