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  1. Ok, I think that you CLEARLY haven't watched the whole video. Look at 0:46 and 1:00. And usualy, when you have a front collision, yes, the front of your car is messed up. You said goodjob... thank you, I appreciate dude
  2. I think everybody agree that crashes have to be reviewed graphically first of all. After, I think that Ku Zi Mu 789 has a great idea : Reviewing of the speed:damage ratio Also, I think that being trapped in the car after a big crash and having to break the window to get out of it would also be a nice addition to the game.
  3. Well, you're probably right, I was just wondering if it would be possible because I had like to wreck my car by going at 200mph on the wrong side of the highway.And, even if we aren't 100% sure of that,but as duffman said, it would probably take too much ressources for the xbox, and it would also take up a lot of space. I still think that an option would be nice but it will probably never exist. At least, I hope that car damage will have been reviewed, at least graphically.
  4. Well it's sure that if there's no realistic crashes, adding details would be the minimum for a new GTA. I agree with you on this point. But what do you think about adding an option, which could be disabled , that allows people who want to write off their car simply for having fun to have more realistic crashes? wouldn't it be a great idea?
  5. You see, some are for and some are against this. So an adding an option would be great (you decide if you want or not realistic car crashes). TreeFitty: you say that it would take up space, maybe youre right, but, even if I'm not sure of it, I think it wouldn't take A WAY TOO MUCH space. And also, the physics engine have always been one of the great part of GTA, and Rockstar always try to improve it. So it already take up space.
  6. But anyway, it's not the point of the topic xD, do you think that having realistic car crashes, in a way or another, would be nice?
  7. You think GTA IV MP died out quickly because of the options?
  8. First, I'm talking about multiple ONLINE game modes 2nd, It's your opinion to think it's stupid to control how realistic crashes are, but can you at least explain why?
  9. Well, this option could be unavailable in online racing , and there could be many game mode, for example : -Free mode with realistic car crashes -Free mode with standard car crashes
  10. Yeah, and it's why I'm also talking about an option , You could enable this option when you want to make big car crashes and disable the option the rest of the time.
  11. Hi, Do you think it would be possible that GTA V includes realistic car crashes, I mean like in the real life. For exemple, during a high speed car crash on the highway, the car would be completely destroyed, not only the bumper. Maybe you think it would make the game too difficult ? So what do you think about an option which could be disabled? I'm not talking about a pc mod, but about an option, natively available on both pc and console. Take a look at it : Especialy at 0:45 and 1:00 It presents the physics engine of Rigs of Rods. Besides the graphic quality, we can see that cars react much like real cars. Think of a physics engine like this in GTA V. .. Do you think it would be possible?