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  1. Lol I hate the taxi drivers I let them punch be in front of cops so cops take them away or I just beat the shit out of them for bumping into or I shoot them
  2. I'm not saying all those guys r bad and not all of Gucci's or wacka flacka flames songs r bad
  3. Wacka flacka and Gucci mane r the shit lil Wayne can eat a dick Marcus no offense but your stuck in the 90s
  4. I see I never really looked up info on previous games I just waited
  5. I'm talking about that bitch ass shit like b.o.b and HED pe is a good band from California so they could fit in the game
  6. On the announcement info it says mission based gameplay does that mean the mission gameplay will be different from when we free roam
  7. I doubt there will be a lot of that 90s rap/hip hop unless they make a classic radio station I just hope lady gaga and that shit don't get in the game Hopefully motley crue disturbed mettalica acdc nirvana Hollywood undead im not gona say Gucci mane again but some more modern rap not that pop shit u hear on the radio HED PE
  8. Skinny and a little bit faster cops policeman officers Skinny and a little bit faster cops policeman officers
  9. I still got to beat the first
  10. There were 13 black people in the first trailer im just saying because someone said 2
  11. jobo


    Ya im the guy who sleeps in English
  12. Well I figured out I just can't motivate myself to play it
  13. Ryder even tho he betrayed u officer tennpeny Samuel Jackson did his voice and he even said one of his lines off of coach carter the movie on the mission where tennpenmy dies he goes ring a ding ding good awnser O ya I loved when big bear knocked the shit out of that guy I also liked the British guys they were funny
  14. Ok I will have to get this game going again
  15. I had this game since November and played maybe 3 hours I got pissed at the start because I couldn't find my way to those three guys on the mountains
  16. jobo


    I love the point look out dlc beat all the dlcs but one and never started new Vegas maybe that can keep me going until GTA 5 also in fallout I loved the axe because I go in peoples houses cut there heads off stick it in the toilet arms legs goes in bathtub body floor then I steal there possessions one time in new Vegas I killed over 20 people has their heads lined up on a table body's overflowing from the bathtub also beat the regular story also I would like to see a fallout game in the Midwest also or in a other country not a European or Asian country tho maybe Ireland around there Africa Australia I live in America
  17. The movie man on fire reminds me of the first trailer I was like r* could make some good movies if they wanted
  18. jobo

    I Am Alive

    How long is the game
  19. I hate when some asshole cuts me off then I ruin my car then he gets out like a tough guy so I beat the shit out of him then I shoot him
  20. I like both but they hate him cuz he a nigga ? That's what I think
  21. The graphics r just going to get better red dead was a mojar improvement in 2 years and GTA 5 is gona be even better just watch the trailer
  22. I liked sanandreas and cj would win in a fight because he would a shoot the guy b call some of his niggus to back his arse up and c ? Vice city was fun tho Sa had a better story to