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Found 3 results

  1. TUE MAR 10 - 6PM (EST) 11PM (GMT) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, user create jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Stay as long as you like, but please share your experience here with us for all to enjoy! Pics, videos, stories... Crew Nights are always told from multiple viewpoints, so please tell us your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so we can try and get it into a playlist! --- Theme: Heist Night... so this will be a little different than a normal crew night... there's quite a few of us who will be playing heists in the afternoon leading up to the event... however, all heists have to be completed in sequential order the first time thru, so crew night might be a good launching point for those who want to get started with heists, while the rest of us continue our journey... but i still want to get together at 6pm so we can check out the new rides together, the new clothes, and perhaps partake in any photo ideas we might have for the eventual contest... and if there are some that might be down for actually doing a playlist, there might be a few that would be willing... either way, it's heist night, so expect us to branch off into groups to enjoy the new shit... it'll be up to the host of each group to determine how far we go, perhaps we can try to communicate that here in this thread or on twitter, setting hosts for each group... either way, we'll figure it out ... post below with any other suggestions you might have... also, thanks, dup, for this week's crew logo ... --- Guidelines: * Join the iGTA community here, or befriend one of us to join the Crew. * Add us on the Playstation Network to get invited. * You can join whenever, but the earlier the better. Ask for an invite if you want in. * NO CREW KILLING (unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon) * NO DIRTY RACING! Also, listen to us if there's specific rules for a job. * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS during competitive play. It ruins the balance of the matches. * No going off-radar in LTS matches. * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. * Don't ruin someone's Photo or Video if they're trying to set something up. ...we'll add more as we go if needed.
  2. Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere but does anyone know what level you have to be to start doing bank heists on multiplayer? I'm enjoying robbing the shops but I fancy making some more cash!
  3. I looked in the search bar and couldn't find anything so sorry if a similar topic already exists In GTA IV, I thought some of the story mode game play was a little weird. For example, you always drove everywhere, starting from the first mission. I'm a huge fan of driving, however I think it's a bit unrealistic that you are driving your friends/mission associates everywhere when they know the city better than you do and you don't even know where your going sometimes( I know you have GPS but that's beside the point) And also, your friends call you to hang out at really strange times. For example, after you kill Dimitri, Roman would call me to go bowling or some shit. I don't feel that Niko would be up for bowling after that... Second of all, there needs to be more of a variety of missions instead of the classic GTA IV: go and kill this person, or go make this deal for me which goes wrong and then kill that person. That's what I liked about TBOGT. They added creative missions like the triathlon and the export car mission ("No. 3" I think) They need more missions like these and "3 Leaf Clover" in GTA V. Agree, Disagree? Leave your thoughts