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  1. Replay: Yes that would be awesome Rating: Hell no it makes me feel that I didn't "complete" the missin
  2. -small variety of cars -few enterable buildings -the friend "like" system -not many things to do after beating story -no car customization -lack of variety of missions -stupid/unrealistic police
  3. had a post earlier, bu these are more of the specific cars I want: Corvette ZR1 BMW M3 99 skyline----->other tuners that you can customize(ex. the sultan to a sultan rs) 68 stingray---->any old muscle cars will do Mustang Shelby GT500 Dodge challenger Dodge Ram 1500 mini cooper Lambo Aventador VW bus Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX Lexus LFA Aston Martin One-77
  4. Like I said, I loved to drive, but u have to admit its unrealistic at times when you drive your friends around every mission,,,I agree with DuffMan in that is was cool to here a couple variations of dialogues if u fail.
  5. I looked in the search bar and couldn't find anything so sorry if a similar topic already exists In GTA IV, I thought some of the story mode game play was a little weird. For example, you always drove everywhere, starting from the first mission. I'm a huge fan of driving, however I think it's a bit unrealistic that you are driving your friends/mission associates everywhere when they know the city better than you do and you don't even know where your going sometimes( I know you have GPS but that's beside the point) And also, your friends call you to hang out at really strange times. For example, after you kill Dimitri, Roman would call me to go bowling or some shit. I don't feel that Niko would be up for bowling after that... Second of all, there needs to be more of a variety of missions instead of the classic GTA IV: go and kill this person, or go make this deal for me which goes wrong and then kill that person. That's what I liked about TBOGT. They added creative missions like the triathlon and the export car mission ("No. 3" I think) They need more missions like these and "3 Leaf Clover" in GTA V. Agree, Disagree? Leave your thoughts
  6. I liked how GTA IV's DLCs put you in the campaign through the view of another character. It was great playing the museum mission as 3 different people. I really hope they will do this again in GTA V, but I would also like the idea of adding San Fierro and Las Venturas.
  7. if u want all that u should play midnight club cuz that's the focus of that game...honestly all I want is body mods( bumpers, hoods, side skirts, spoilers, hood/roof scoops, etc), NOS, rims, paint selection, and maybe vinyls. Although I would also like engine mods that's a good idea. I don't want anything fancy, just a little bit more than san andreas
  8. Personally, I thought the helicopter spawns were fine (of course I've played so much I know where all the helicopters are:)) but if were just talking about general vehicle spawns/locations, I've always thought it would be a good idea to have a specific spawn location for every vehicle in the game (ex. the sultan RS behind the garage and the sentinel at the control tower). Like if I wanted a sabre turbo, it could always be on the side of the road behind the vinewood sign. However, if they fix the no cars spawning glitch & the thing where only a set of 5 cars spawn at a time like Duff said, then there's really no need but I think it would be useful nonetheless
  9. I like the idea of having that one perfect car as your own, that would spawn everytime you save As for what I'd like to see, I dunno if they're sold in America, but a Smart car (http://en.wikipedia....ki/Smart_Fortwo) would be cool, not so much to drive but to ram in a fucking great big truck!! (I HATE Smart cars) yeah they do sell them in america and i hate them as well. And if there are smart cars in this game I will destroy every smart car I see. No exceptions.
  10. I'm really hoping they let us spawn a car of our choice. It sucks how you have to wait for the right time of day for a certain car. I've ended up in a fucking Lokus more times than I care to count in IV. yeah they need to fix that glitch and i agree there should be a bigger variety of cars unlike in GTA IV where only a set of 5 different cars spawn at once. Oh and for me its the DF8-90 that pisses me off. I've seen it so much that now I refuse to even be in one lol -all singleplayer cars in multiplayer -more enterable buildings -More people like the original post said -a menu where u can start co op missions/activities with your buddies -an actual game mode for demolition derby -maybe custom street races like in MCLA? -alot more buildings to parkour on (and an option where u can turn falling damage off) -better unique stunt jumps..the ones in GTA IV either had not enough room to get speed or a shitty landing area
  11. cars float on water except dont make the wheels screwy when driving on land
  12. well we know for sure we wont see gameplay lol... but yeah I agree we'll probably know the protagonist and I think we will see more guns because we only saw one scene with them in the first trailer. I would like to see more of the scenery and definitely the cars, but I'm a huge car person so thats kinda biased
  13. -return of the supercars from GTA 4 but maybe newer models of them -return of cheetah -more sports cars that aren't too flashy like in 4 and the returning ones being newer models (ex. banshee-newer viper, coquette-corvette zr1, sentinel-bmw m3, etc.) -cars similar to that of the sultan RS -all singleplayer cars need to appear in multiplayer(kinda off topic but whatever) -car customization -more classic muscle cars -monster truck from san andreas
  14. all the activities in the stadiums of san andreas and vice city need to return (demo derby, stock car racing, the sanchez stunt thing). Also triathlons(parachute, boat, car) from TBOGT better be in GTA V that was my favorite mini-game. And then I pretty much agree with what everybody else is suggesting