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    gta fights

    I would like to see Jonny fight niko and Jonny kills him in the end by curb stomping
  2. jobo

    gta fights

    I would like to see GTA characters get in fights that don't in a certain game or other GTA games I would want cj to fight Claude when he was with Catalina like he beats the shit out of him then grabs Catalina's hair and slam her face in the car what characters would u like to ser fight
  3. It would be cool to play as a balla for a dlc It would be cool to play as a balla for a dlc
  4. In a future GTA like in vice city it would be cool to start off homeless and someone offers you a job and that stuff
  5. He's plays in movies like the toy and brewsters millions so I do know who he is
  6. I want to put a person in a burn barrel and watch em burn now that's GTA
  7. yep just a great idea that popped in my head
  8. instead of parties at night clubs only it would be cool if there were house parties every night at random houses you can go to or u can go to night clubs
  9. like the movie the town where they rob banks
  10. it would be a little bit of fun because there would be los santos and not nothing but country
  11. i wouldnt mind being like a gang that robs banks and stores instead of being in a street gang because that would seem like sanandreas
  12. i have nothing else to say about this i just would like to run zombies over with a car
  13. i dont see why the couldnt make a gta 5 undead nightmare just like the did for red dead because that was a lot of fun