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  1. I don't want an automatic 4 star wanted level just for going into the Airport, I mean Trevor at least - being a pilot - should be aloud inside without hordes of NOOSE instantaneously gunning him down with a Helicopter that just happened to be flying nearby to instantly join the pursuit at low altitude while 747's are still landing, taking off and taxiing I should add I mean the main, Los Santos International Airport, not the Military/smaller airpads dotted around
  2. Free stuff packs, like extra stuff for vehicles in the future for Online and Singleplayer, if you had to pay for something as simple as that they may as well call it the Sims extreme and change R* to Electronic Arts, just to keep it that little extra "fresh" - then maybe a couple of story DLC like TBGT and the Lost and Dammed that I'll happy pay for
  3. There will be DLC ... the games not even out yet and they're confirming future DLC? Oh Rockstar please please please don't go down the route of EA and THQ ...
  4. Hi, as always I checked the search option, so I'm sorry if I'm posting something that has already (or something similar) been posted. In GTA IV it seemed the missions despite different characters/locations and methods all seemed to be the same near enough, somebody p*ssed somebody off and it was up to you as the cheap hired help to go take care of them, now even though Rockstar added a few moments in the game which had the player choosing wether or not to spare a life, I found that the missions could be somewhat repetitive, but the option of choice (Wether or not it had much of an impact on the games ending) to be a great option and added replay value to the game. So my question to you good people is, did you prefer the more deeper somewhat realistic story lines in GTA IV, or do you prefer the mission structures from the previous games such as Vice City and San Andreas which had a verity of missions from learning to drive, to helping a stereotypical nerd defeat his arch rival with remote control tanks! to blowing up huge cargo planes and half built skyscrapers! what kind would you prefer to see in GTA V and why? all opinions welcome!
  5. I'm no psychiatrist/Doctor but I'm going to diagnose the guy who write the article with a definite case of dumbass.
  6. It would be great if you could get a penthouse suite in V that had a similar view to this, stand on the balcony with a sniper rifle/heat seaking missile launcher shooting at peds and passing planes/helicopters
  7. Hey guys, not much news on GTA V yet, so thought I'd share a little fan art I found whilst browsing the interwebs! Source -OPx
  8. Feel free to hate me on this, it's just an idea, but you know in Saints Row they had the Hitman side mission where you had to find a certain person in a certain area? you know what I thought would be a cool side mission in GTA V, is if they had a hunting side mission, where you had to find a certain animal (E.G a deer) in a certain area of the country side, any one agree?
  9. The only reason people are talking about RDR in this post is because it used the Weapon Wheel feature which is what this topic is about, and because RDR is a Rockstar game, it could ealisy carry onto the GTA series if Rockstar thought it was popular enough, so nobody is going off topic.
  10. I haven't played RDR but I enjoyed the Weapon Wheel (If that's what they called it) in Saints Row, I feel it makes finding the right gun easier and faster rather than cycling through them all, so if they had that in V I'd be glad they put it in, but if it wasn't there I wouldn't be dissapointed.
  11. I could deffinitly see this being a GTA theme, I'm not saying it's legit, but it sounds like something they would use, for some reason it reminds me of the Storys from Liberty City theme, not sure why as they both sound competely different
  12. Military weapons/vehicles! don't get me wrong, I'm not a CoD QD, infact I hate CoD, but I'd love to see military grade weapons in the game x'D
  13. Seeing as how it's set in Los Santon (Los Angeles) I'd love to see lots of Celeb parodys on the TV =)
  14. I'd like to see wrestling moves in there just for the lol's ... after I've played the game I love to randomly piss about and I had HUGE fun with GTA IV's physics, I'd love to just randomly run up to a cop and perform a running DDT before sprinting away to find my next victim >=) ... I'd also like be able to grapple and push people foward, so I can push them into a fast moving car, or in front of a train !! >=) ...