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  1. Firebombs work pretty well on phylakes, in addition to the aforementioned long weapons.
  2. They borrowed all the best things from the Witcher, and none of the shitty ones.
  3. 20% Prime discount, though. The last game I bought was Mass Effect Andromeda, and it showed up on time. I assume the Friday release fucked something up.
  4. I don't know when or why Amazon stopped successfully delivering games on release day, but I'm stuck waiting until Tuesday to play this. Have fun, bOnEs. You black asshole.
  5. Massacre


    To be fair, you could still make that joke without having the tattoo at all. It would just be even more of a dad joke.
  6. Massacre


    I have learned that if you entirety bypass Concord and head straight to Diamond City, therefore never encountering the Minutemen, it pretty drastically changes the entire feel of the game. As an added bonus, you never have annoying settlement rescue quests and there's no boring, default, 'good guy' faction, which, as my homegrl mentioned above, neutral characters are guaranteed to be herded into. Also, power armor Nazis are still the best faction. Fuck Lyons.
  7. Come on, guys, where's your excitement? Personally, I'm pretty excited to hear about Rockstar's next big delay.
  8. The actual game is finished, they're just working diligently to remove mission payouts and replace them with prompts to buy in-game currency for story mode. You'll need it to buy the tier 2 currency prompts, which allow you to buy the special currency needed to unlock online mode and its third currency type.
  9. Dutch was the most relatable character in that entire game, for me.
  10. Do it, Vicey. Just fucking do it.
  11. Some days, it's all I remember. I'm so damned tired, guys... Sobs quietly
  12. Pass. Fuck remasters, fuck Rockstar. Make something new, you fucks.
  13. The beardless are really missing out. I know my beard is the right length when people start giving me spare change, in the daylight, and avoiding me, after dark. The wild goose chase never makes it past the homeless shelter, before the police give up.