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    Just a comparison that I found, may be useful in putting things into perspective. Some pictures of Los Santos from Grand theft auto San Andreas to give sense of scale. Even if the city of Los Santos is smaller than we expected, why worry when there is an expansive country side and towns to explore. Quality > Quantity
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    I hope we'll learn who the online characters are before release, I want more characters than just the previous protags. I really want to go get lost in the woods as Ken Rosenburg or Roman.
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    "Blueprint Map This exclusive, additional 21.5” x 26.75” map displays a blueprint view of Los Santos and Blaine County. Cryptic markings indicate locations for fast cash and other points of interest for the up-and-coming entrepreneur." Heist theme FTW.
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    A vehicle save feature anywhere on the map: for example, when you press and hold Y to get out of your car (which switches your car off in IV) it saves it to that location and places a blip on the map; then, you can go anywhere else on the map and when you return your car will still be there (maybe you can use this feature on up to 3 vehicles). It annoyed me when I had a nice car on mission in IV and I ended up losing it because I had to get out and go on foot or use someone else's crappy car.
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    Just called a GameStop on the edge of town. Both editions are still fully stocked, nobody's made a move. ONWARD!!1
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    What the hell are you talking about? I'm just comparing both systems too each other. And I'm "knocking" the Xbox One because I can see this generation beginning just like the last one did. With everyone blinded by Microsoft's bullshit, and the PlayStation not reaching it's full potential. Already with all the evidence against the X1, people are talking about buying it, or are leaning more towards it over the PS4. I'm just trying to provide some facts about both Nex-Gen Systems, and the old generation systems as well. These facts people don't want too hear. They just want to blindly buy the same crap over and over again, instead of supporting a company that is looking to evolve the Gaming Industry. Not too break into the Multi-Media Industry like Microsoft. Microsoft has shown that it's next console is not focused on games, both with the limited power of their system, and with it's press conference's focus on TV and Internet over showcasing any new games or IP's. I'm hoping people aren't dumb this time, and buy the right system ( The PlayStation 4 ). So that games don't stagnate in mediocrity under Microsoft for the next 8 years. I can already see all the advertising for the X1 everywhere here in Oz, and I can barely see anything for the PS4. Microsoft knows how to advertise to the casual audience, and this Gen will probably turn out the same way here as it did before with the last Gen ( with the Shitbox winning here ). It will probably do better in the States as well. The Europeans will probably be the only one's smart enough to seeing through Microsoft's bullshit and buy the right console.
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    Come on Dortmund!! 1-1.
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    Oh boy. I‘ll shit all over this thread when I‘m back from the zoo. Panda Bears are overrated.
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    People think it will be the best spot for a GTA style Catalina Island. Lmao, i've read in a couple of places that the fake blueprint map looks like a retarded child's head scan xD
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    Locking in-game content and charging for it through DLC so only people who can afford to spend £150 on a single game in these economic times is one of the main cause of game piracy, why do companies not realise this? Now I'm worried that R* will go down the 'Bring out half a game at full price and market the rest as DLC' route like Volition did with SR: The Third and probably SR: 4 ...
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    I bought a 360 because I couldn't wait a year for next-gen gaming and neither could my friends. Not because it was the only one I could afford (I'm very rich). I think your inner fanboy should take a chill pill. We're here to discuss next-generation gaming, as gamers. It's only natural that we compare the two systems, so you may continue in that regard. However, we don't need someone to convince us which one is better, we're all adults (mostly) who can make that decision for ourselves. In fact, it's quite insulting that you think we're in need of your little crusade. I like to think that most of us at iGTA (bar the GTAV board) are a little smarter than your average forum-dweller. If this continues, I suggest we have an XboxOne vs PS4 thread.
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    L0L yeh No children, not those shriveled up black things......green leaves, brown bark...... he may have been experimenting with jet
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    Well, that was entertaining.
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    "LS Storm Drain" What an idiot. Whole thing is a giant "duh" anyway.
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    I found this on the YouTube. I hope that this is helpful to you guys
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    People on ebay will probably be charging $100 for the codes alone.
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    Why do you assume it will be on multiple discs? Also, no, it won't cost any more than any other game.
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    I hope so I'm looking forward to cruising the highway with Los Santos' finest pursuing me
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    you can play as Wu Zi in any game all you gots to do is unplug the yellow wire.
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    Okay, maybe i put it wrong. I didn't quite mean don't talk about the size, as you said. I meant don't whine about it if it looks too small to you. Sorry, i wrote it on my phone in a rush whilst on my break at work. Even if the Map isn't released early by Rockstar ( or leaked ), GTA V's release date is only 4 months away. Plus Dups map makes me cry every time I look at it. It can't be that barren, sparse and desolate. It was promised that GTA V's game world would be the best GTA game world yet... I'll probably never finish it... It wasn never meant to be anything serious. I've based around 80% of what you see on what I've seen in screenshots and whatnot... The rest i just improvised, mainly for the shape. I'm not going to add fake towns around it because i want them, that's taking it too far, and people may get their hopes up. I don't believe for one second it will be that empty, it's just not been seen yet, so don't start worrying about the unexpected lol.
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    Oh, somebody already dun did it. Looking at the airport runways i'd say that seems roughly accurate. For the GTA IV one anyway which is the one that matters to me. So maybe it is slightly bigger than I expected.
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    I don't know, man. His Los Santos was spot on with the map they released. Maybe he does have insider info...
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    first time ive paid £120 and last time.. until gta 6 comes out haha.
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    I think everyone who got the Collectors (myself included) is going to taking the hat picture that night.
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    How can layout be discussed without discussing the effects of perspective on what we're looking at? It's only natural for size to come into play.
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    Not trying to be rude Dup, but it's about the mapping which is the geography of the map, that includes the size. It's hard to talk about the layout without talking about the size of a particular places on the map.
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    I agree we shouldn't be in Afghanistan, let them sort their own fucking problems out and blow each other up, we've got enough of our own problems and yet we're on a crusade (no pun intended) to clean up the rest of the world's shit. Same deal with Africa, all this money we've been giving them since the 80's has really changed their way of life.
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    am i the only one that thinks this every time i scroll down here to the other games section?? ...a tree?!
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    I still don't see how anyone can see the map as "small". I've said before that LA Noire's map was almost too big for my liking, and it's small compared to RDR! I'm pretty confident that by the time GTA VI is released, I still won't have been everywhere in Los Santos...
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    nice work ... welcome to the forums...
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    I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that we'll be able to drive the blimp excites me more than any of the other Special/Collectors Edition content.
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    Yeah I don't understand how the Spurs aren't more popular. They've been the best team for the past 12-13 years, winning 50 games in each season except the two lockout seasons when they were on track to win 50 games anyway. I'd rather be a Spurs fan than a Knicks fan.
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    You are clearly unfamiliar with the source material of that image. As I've said in the past, pretty much anything Rockstar does nowadays is basically just a test run for features they're thinking of putting in the next GTA. I really hope the execution system from RDR will be in V, and I think it's pretty likely.
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    I think austria is something completely different from australia
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    Sadly, there will probably be some shit like this.