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  1. Been a while since I've checked in but I'm all caught up. Amazing work Dup, Fitty and Vicey. Looking forward to immersing myself in this landscape.
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm amazed by how you guys can create these maps from the images available and how thorough you both are.
  3. I missed out on the start of this process with GTAV so I'm curious about something - do you guys think you've got these placements pretty well right or is your judgment potentially clouded by the leaked map?
  4. I loved how they broke down GTAV and I'm already loving their work with RDR2. It's going to be a fun year following those two.
  5. RDR shower thought - Snapmatics are going to be a bitch having to wait for the protag to paint a picture
  6. It's nice to have some news. I look forward to you guys breaking it down. Any chance RDR2 takes the GTAV route with multiple playable characters?
  7. This popped up on my Facebook feed today:
  8. When GTAO arrived I was imagining an online coop story at some point. If heists are too hard, that's out. So what could they possibly produce that isn't as complicated as heists, takes advantage of current gen capabilities AND is worth playing?
  9. I honestly don't see LV being included in a DLC when the LS casino isn't even accessible. Granted, there could be a situation where Trevor, Michael and Franklin do over the LS casino then heading to LV to knock off a few more but I don't really see it.
  10. An Instagram post from Sean Fonteno just popped up on my Facebook feed teasing story DLC. I'm on my mobile but someone may be able to find it and link it quicker than I can. Edit: Found it -
  11. Sooo... your brother is the dancer in the family, yeah?
  12. Damn, I really haven't been paying attention to some of the content. But for fun though... oppressed person of color that deserves equal rights in a modern society to which I am grateful for their strength during this struggle Edit: That's pretty funny. Makes Wheel of Fortune a little harder though:
  13. There's some nice looking stuff in there. I particularly like the 300C.
  14. Should have captioned it "updating your wank bank."