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  1. I'll be extremely happy if the car customization is on par with Midnight Club LA, I wonder if we will be able to customize interiors? If so then that means there'll be an interior camera view which would be cool.
  2. A vehicle save feature anywhere on the map: for example, when you press and hold Y to get out of your car (which switches your car off in IV) it saves it to that location and places a blip on the map; then, you can go anywhere else on the map and when you return your car will still be there (maybe you can use this feature on up to 3 vehicles). It annoyed me when I had a nice car on mission in IV and I ended up losing it because I had to get out and go on foot or use someone else's crappy car.
  3. First thing I will do is fly the Atomic blimp right into the Vinewood sign, then find the Aston Martin DB5 type car and take a cruise along the coast.