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  1. I'll be extremely happy if the car customization is on par with Midnight Club LA, I wonder if we will be able to customize interiors? If so then that means there'll be an interior camera view which would be cool.
  2. Been stalking these forums since the first trailer and never joined... glad I did!

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      It's only for new members entering the site. If they don't have one, we send them over to you.

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      Its a good thing I was riddled with STD's when I joined.

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  3. A vehicle save feature anywhere on the map: for example, when you press and hold Y to get out of your car (which switches your car off in IV) it saves it to that location and places a blip on the map; then, you can go anywhere else on the map and when you return your car will still be there (maybe you can use this feature on up to 3 vehicles). It annoyed me when I had a nice car on mission in IV and I ended up losing it because I had to get out and go on foot or use someone else's crappy car.
  4. First thing I will do is fly the Atomic blimp right into the Vinewood sign, then find the Aston Martin DB5 type car and take a cruise along the coast.