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  1. Synch


    The Fawkes and Nick are really cool. Good score.
  2. Synch


    They? I thought you guys love to play as Raiders.
  3. Synch


    I don't care about value-less junk.Just good junk like screws, as mentioned.
  4. Synch


    Many interesting points covered. One is the Wanted Murderer. You approach me and try and kill me or pick a fight, I say no. You keep fucking with me and even though I decline, you kill me. Then you become a wanted murderer for that innocent killing. Now everyone else on the map can see you as a big red star. You cannot see the rest of the NPC's on the map, there is a bounty on your head, and that bounty comes out of your caps stash. Bethesda turned negative events into a kind of cool reward system there. So yeah, don't kill me or the group I've shared my cards with will snipe you.
  5. Has anyone played the new HD version of SA on either XB1 or PS4? I can't believe how good it is to be back in Los Santos.......
  6. Synch


    Would really be cool to try before buy. I've finished new files of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. Somehow I really want to see how 76 goes. Until then, I am back in GTA San Andreas for XB1. Re-living my glory days of 100% and NRG stunting.....
  7. Synch


    Those mutants look exactly like Fallout 4 mutants. I'm guessing this location/game area is not far from Andale. If you don't remember that location, the folks there mention the best city in West Virginia award.
  8. Synch


    Well rather the kids who are in the online shooters on steroids games hyped up to kill everything. That's what I meant by how long would it take people who actively look for the codes, rather than co-op settlement building, and enjoying the scenery rather than destroying it further......
  9. Synch


    Just wait until the griefers or gankers get all the launch codes. How long will it take to find every one for every server. Some onliners live to make others miserable. I heard Todd say at E3 you take your profile with you. If that's the case, I agree with TwoFaceTanner.
  10. Synch


    WTF? I deliver him straight to the hotel on each of my dozen plays. Never had (including now on Hardcore Mode) an un-finished quest stuck in list. Have found all the recipes though. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just went through a nostalgic play through of FO3 and all its DLC's followed by New Vegas. I forgot how good Vegas was, this time as a dude, and carefully not pissing any faction off yet. Haven't started the DLC's yet, except the GRA which is a default kind of available weapons and mods. Stopped today though, got to take Survival mode Nora back to Diamond City to be there on Christmas. Hey it's a 2-day journey stopping at a safe house to sleep over night, then get there in the morning to see the decorations. Merry Fallout Christmas everyone.
  11. Synch


    Nick is easily one of the best companions in the game over all. He is also invaluable during the interaction with DiMA. IMHO Far Harbor is the best DLC of F04. The only way you cannot have CVrie as a companion is if your intelligence is like, zero. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've cycled through every companion until their perk unlocks on almost every file. Level 188 of Survival Mode now. This file, haven't bothered getting Deacon's worthlessness. Only love interests are all the females stashed at different settlements. Each file the real challenge in the end, is getting the Freefall Legs from Mass Fusion. Everything else is pretty easy after 6 play throughs. After 2 mod authors removed their mods, I don't use them anymore. Thought about designing a few though. I can't recommend the Survival Mode enough to you guys, it's the best. After getting the anti-rad perk, I would just swim everywhere.
  12. Synch

  13. Synch


    Thanks bOnEs! I can understand everyone's bored with Fallout 4, but I've never been able to stop.... This was my 3rd main story build, Shaun Sr, living at Red Rocket with Dogmeat. More of a stealth speed run to get to and utilize the Institute. After seeing all the endings, the credits didn't look that different from each other. Now testing out the Raider settlement achievements. EDIT: Almost forgot 2 mention, you can go through an entire game without ever going to Concord / meeting Preston Garvey.
  14. Synch


    I've "platinum'd" the game now finishing the DLC achievements 2 to go then have all of them. Institute character was fun. Happy 2017