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  1. Well they mentioned “the coming weeks”. Not months like previous announcements. I put my money on an ign article or some such. These new screens got me from six to midnight though, hot damn.
  2. no theme aka relentless shenanigans. Count me in.
  3. I think a top gun/dogfighting night would be fun, not until the nakota drops though.
  4. Rifle on the left held by the Bill Williamson lookalike is some type of Springfield Rifle but I’m not sure what model yet. i really like that it has a strap tho.
  5. I was thinking he had some resemblance to Thomas Jane.
  6. It was the LeMat. The fact it was non functioning was one of my biggest gripes with rdr. I will gladly take on weapons cataloguing! These look to be just basic colt single actions, by the timeline probably the 1873 model. Aka Peacemakers.
  7. these are some super decorated Schofields, confirmed to be dutch holding them after the shot of him in the trailer
  8. The guy he wakes up is surrounded by pelts and hunting stuff. There’s a skinned rabbit and bow behind him. This is probably super early early in the game and an introduction to hunting and the bow mechanics.
  9. That’s totally Williamson, that hat is a dead giveaway.
  10. I was thinking the other day that instead of the mountains being on the border this time around they’re going to be used as a like a buffer between zones. Like the only way to get west or east is to around them or use the mountain pass. Fuck I can’t wait to just explore.
  11. The discription under the videonon the R* site reads “The story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight, and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive.”
  12. Oh man the wide shot right after he wakes the guy up, holy shit is this huge. I’m almost certain the voice actor is the same guy who did the main antagonist in mafia 3, Sal Marcano.
  13. So many different landscapes. This really is starting to make me think that leaked map has some merit to it. and bows, fuck yes there’s finally bows.
  14. The soundtrack in RDR was an insanely huge contributing factor to the atmosphere and general feel of the game. How the drums and guitar picked up when guns started firing, to the subtle harmonica and flute when your slowly riding through tall trees. Even more so the few songs they picked to play during key moments of the story, I know for a lot of us those are the best parts of the game. So what do we expect from 2? Are Bill Elm and Woody Jackson returning this time around? Did you like the dynamic score? Discuss! I’ve also provided a link to my personally curated western playlist I’ve been working on for years, for your listening pleasure and to also provide ispiration. Playlist: Exodus in America
  15. IIRC, there was cash but you could only keep it during that session, it was a gauge like the player rating or whatever it is now, to see who the most active ppl in the lobby are.
  16. Man that was so long ago now I forgot how shitty it was all around. Honestly they have to be aware of the all around negative feedback from their core fans on gtao, and are hopefully tweaking rdro to meet at least some positive expectations. I dunno tho, there’s only so much you can do to keep from being grindy as fuck.
  17. Lol I saw that Reddit post too, it is just ridiculous at this point. I think the fallout 4 timeline from announcement to release was beautiful but I doubt anything R* does will ever come close. They get off on the tease and the delays just add to it. We’ve all been around long enough that we’ve come to just anticipate it naturally, which is kind of just shitty all around. It makes us resent them for dumb reasons and it puts them a bad light for not being prepared. That being said, I get off on the tease too. Not gonna lie my favorite part of this is the speculation and the detective work. Whatever we get next week, I know they we are the ones that are going to rip it to shreds to find anything we can and I can’t wait to dive in. If you look at my history almost all of my posts are in pre release haha.
  18. I’m betting it’s a story based trailer, hopefully we get some more insight into who the protagonist is and fingers fucking crossed it’s only one person. I’ve seen talk on the Rdr subreddit of people wanting a player created protagonist which is fucking retarded if you ask me.
  19. .....non-decapitating terrorist scumbags then? Or Top Gun night. Once the Nakota is released we could do Dogfighting night too.
  20. Are there no posts because they’re all ninjas?
  21. That would be me, captured during the little time i was there.