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  1. well still its incredible theres so many the vehicle section doesnt even list half of them and how do i do the spoiler button thing i dont see it as an option
  2. why do the lights on the gauntlet look weird like that they look like they're painted on especially the taillights
  3. when does this premier on TV again its during a new episode of breaking bad next week isn't it
  4. thats not it there'll screenshots a plenty between now and the 17th
  5. so do u think it will be 30 seconds like a tv commercial or 2-3 minutes like their past trailers?
  6. Okay my brain is only firing at 3% so someone is going to have to help me with this what do they mean by digital copy to Do they mean that on the day the game launches you'll get a digital copy of the entire thing or do they mean you get a digital preview if you have enough points to do it now
  7. I've found another new screenshot http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/7/77/PremiumSedan.jpg
  8. Okay so apparently the name this car was mentioned in the previews or something him it's called the Oracle 2 http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/f/f8/Oracle_2_%28Front%26Side%29-GTAV.jpg http://images.wikia.com/gtawiki/images/d/da/Oracle_2_%28Rear%26Side%29-GTAV.jpg
  9. So I'm guessing that since cars are getting names like Dubsta and Tailgater that every car from San Andreas, Vice City, and old Liberty City that wasn't present In GTA4 will be there in this time