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  1. Firebombs work pretty well on phylakes, in addition to the aforementioned long weapons.
  2. They borrowed all the best things from the Witcher, and none of the shitty ones.
  3. 20% Prime discount, though. The last game I bought was Mass Effect Andromeda, and it showed up on time. I assume the Friday release fucked something up.
  4. I don't know when or why Amazon stopped successfully delivering games on release day, but I'm stuck waiting until Tuesday to play this. Have fun, bOnEs. You black asshole.
  5. Massacre


    To be fair, you could still make that joke without having the tattoo at all. It would just be even more of a dad joke.
  6. Massacre


    I have learned that if you entirety bypass Concord and head straight to Diamond City, therefore never encountering the Minutemen, it pretty drastically changes the entire feel of the game. As an added bonus, you never have annoying settlement rescue quests and there's no boring, default, 'good guy' faction, which, as my homegrl mentioned above, neutral characters are guaranteed to be herded into. Also, power armor Nazis are still the best faction. Fuck Lyons.
  7. Come on, guys, where's your excitement? Personally, I'm pretty excited to hear about Rockstar's next big delay.
  8. The actual game is finished, they're just working diligently to remove mission payouts and replace them with prompts to buy in-game currency for story mode. You'll need it to buy the tier 2 currency prompts, which allow you to buy the special currency needed to unlock online mode and its third currency type.
  9. Dutch was the most relatable character in that entire game, for me.
  10. Do it, Vicey. Just fucking do it.
  11. Some days, it's all I remember. I'm so damned tired, guys... Sobs quietly
  12. Pass. Fuck remasters, fuck Rockstar. Make something new, you fucks.
  13. The beardless are really missing out. I know my beard is the right length when people start giving me spare change, in the daylight, and avoiding me, after dark. The wild goose chase never makes it past the homeless shelter, before the police give up.
  14. All the male high elves sound like elderly, flamboyant gay men.
  15. I never have to force proper punctuation, son. I don't have to force sex, either, but I like to, anyway.
  16. I mean, nothing would really change, for them. It's already a barren wasteland filled with vicious wildlife and raiders.
  17. The n'wah is clearly on skooma. Likes to dance close to the fire, that one. When your path takes you farthest north, outlander, be sure to seek out the fool chasing my associate's knowledge. You'll find your way there, in time. Don't let the eyes unsettle you. To know all, you must see all. (Few and far between, but I always enjoy the brief role playing we do here, from time to time)
  18. Yo, if we're kicking people from iGTA, I have permanent dibs on doing the honors. As I recall, it went swimmingly, last time I did it. ... I've probably been kicked out myself, at this point.
  19. I have enough money to get there, not enough to get back. Guess I'll be applying for citizenship.
  20. My dealer is moving to a medical state. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers in the difficult times ahead.
  21. I didn't mention writers at any point. The writers for a show are mostly filling out the creator's idea, but ultimately have little say in the actual direction of the story, or how long it goes on. Guillermo del Toro is ending The Strain after only four seasons, because his story is done. Kurt Sutter ended Sons of Anarchy after seven, because the Sons' story was done. He's working on a spinoff about the Mayans MC because he still has stories for them, not because FX sat him down and demanded more. SoA was over, and Kurt went to them with his new idea because there was no way they'd turn him down. As for shows that overstayed their welcome, Lost is an excellent example. That story wasn't long and needlessly convoluted because the creators were so clever and deep, it went on because people inexplicably liked that drivel, and the network kept drawing things out. Another great example is pretty much any sitcom. Although those are mostly garbage from the start, sitcoms go on for a decade or more (seriously, can The Simpsons just fuck off, already? It hasn't been good in 20 years), and only keep going because they appeal to the lowest common denominator. Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men (they fired their star and still kept that pile of shit going for another few years), etc. If the stars of a show are renegotiating their contracts and doubling their pay every other year, it's not because they want a fair share of the money the show's making, it's because they don't want to keep playing the same role they've spent ten years playing, and the network execs are piling money on top of them because those paychecks pale in comparison to what's going into their own pockets.
  22. As a good network? None. So many incredible shows in the past, and even currently, have gone to shit because the network overstepped and forced the show to continue long after the creators felt it should have ended, because they want to keep making money from it. If TV is going to be worth watching, the networks all need to step back and let the creators have their run, end the show when they see fit, and move on to their next epic idea. I have a lot of faith in the upcoming spinoffs. FTWD is so much better than TWD at this point, because they're not limited by any source material. GoT has been one hell of a ride, even having to adhere to certain plot points, so seeing the creators of the spinoffs do their own thing will be beautiful. Fingers forever crossed for a Khal Drogo prequel.
  23. Seriously. I played on PC, where quicksave just required hitting F5, and I was hitting that probably every 60 seconds or so without really noticing that I was doing it. That may have been largely due to my ~300 mods making me paranoid of sudden - but admittedly well-deserved - crashes.