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  1. Right next to the combination of salty, meaty pizza and good light honey. Hits all the same spots as chicken and waffles Pupusas revueltas from a while ago. Cornmeal cakes stuffed with spiced ground pork and bacon, refried beans with bacon lard, and queso fresco. Then griddled in bacon lard.
  2. Just had a Fire Bottle shot out of my hands in Nosalida, all I could do was lay there while my horse and I simultaneously burned to death and had lead poured into us, to a cacophony of "jajajajaja"s and "hijo de puta"s. Not a heroic end - can't wait for the 4K, inglorious misfortunes this month.
  3. Ooh, I would buy a soundtrack disc in a split instant. During the install, it'll be great to throw this on and enjoy a Mexican hand-roll or two:
  4. Replaying RDR, filled with regret for not appreciating the minutiae all those years ago...I was riding by two Blackwater officers and interrupted their chat with a Howdy - one turns to his associate and inserts an anecdote about "Mr. Marston here". Chasing a fleeing outlaw after disarming his rifle - popping his right knee reduced him to a limp, matching his left rendered him crippled and scrambling for his sidearm. I'm even more excited to see the new life they'll bring next month.
  5. We may end up temporarily fleeing to Mexico or New Austin at some point in the story, only to be barred from reentry later on. Surely they'd wanna keep it under wraps if it were a permanent piece of the map, but I can't help but feel we should have seen more angles of the old map/landforms in the screens and trailers if that's the case. ...this is gonna be a long month.
  6. If moose hats are uncraftable, I'm done with Rockstar. On the positive side, the trees look marvelous.
  7. Unbelievable work, everyone! I'd love to see the lads at R* react as they watch you all stitch their world together.
  8. Might show up to the Halloween do as Drunk Marston this year. A little more length, some scar putty, lasso...
  9. Bring on the filleting and gutting mini-games, I want a toothy crown of sockeye heads on my hat.
  10. "Morgan will have to scrub his body parts individually".
  11. If we can braid and dread the locks of our horse's manes, it would be tragic if Arthur's beard couldn't be braided to Valhalla come.
  12. Fuck, you're still alive?! I thought you got ate by a 'squatch up there.
  13. Laid up with a Crohn's flare, devouring RDR news between doses of meds. zzzzz
  14. I mean, you have an extra, we should fry one up and share it. Can I come down weekend after next?
  16. Broiled chicken shawarma, plated up with fresh pita, tomato, onion, and pickled veggies. Pepper sauce, tahini and garlic paste fo' drizzle. No leftovers. ?
  17. Ooh, I'll take a dozen, plus a sandwich bag of icing on the side.
  18. Speak for yourself, Q. That's a single serving imo. I've been stuck on Chinese recipes for a while. Here's Chongqing chicken, which is just stir-fried with garlic in chili and pricklyash-infused oil. Ahh, my anus puckers fondly at the memory.
  19. Bonded with my roommate's cat pretty quickly.
  20. I feel that strongly, Bri, my dad's been fighting a massive tumor on/in his chest wall the past few years. I'm not familiar with breast cancers or their remission, wish I had something to offer you there. But oher than treatment, morale is the biggest thing she needs to maintain. Help her keep her faith in every way you can and be present for her.
  21. GunSmith


    Found an Explosive Minigun on a corpse, then a car exploded and I lost it just before I paused to save. Can't find it again. D': Oh, the fun we could have had...