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  1. Same story for me as with bones, tore through the story (which was fucking stupendous) immediately missed Arthur, and as nice as it is to be back in john's boots i think i Arthur seemed more real. In think the epilogue reminded me too much of a mod.
  2. Last night, i had a dream. Gave me a thought, i recall reading that the map had more vertical space than horizontal. In said dream there was old new Austin plus the new map, but it also had a huge amount of land more south (extra mexico) now obviously this means nothing. But i have been known to have precognitive abilities in the past....
  3. Alright, time to be shamed. Some friend type people and i made a youtube channel and i told them i'd post it here so i'm going to (i'm sorry) it's a lets play of RE7, i'm funny in it so i guess that's cool. Alright you can return to your regularly scheduled debauchery and other sadistic practices. Good day.
  4. *The face you make when somebody asks you to kill someone for money but you're trying to make it seem like it's a burden to hold out for more money knowing full well you already killed that bitch*
  5. We'd make a killing selling medical coma kit's. "Yes i'd like to order the 25 day kit please" But damn does that first person look way more optimized.
  6. I'm sure somebody will fix that lack of embededness to make me look less chump like...
  7. I'm in the same boat, i think i've got 1.2gb left. I was almost seduced into getting the ps4 pro rdr2 bundle, but i decided an external hard drive is the better move. Though i might miss the extra resolution. Somebody should do a side by side comparison once the game drops.
  8. Damn...What's a 500gb hard drive go for these days?
  9. Wow, seeing the St Dennis estimatory scale really puts into perspective how gimongous the map is. GIMONGOUS I SAY!
  10. I'll tell ya what bud, when i get this machine on the road i'll take a lil road trip up to the shwa and we'll go for a rip. Actually we could probably head east and harass Dio too. Bought some rear shocks and springs from summit racing, just need the hardware to mount the new rear end in and its a roller.
  11. Facebook and Instagram saw first, now it's here too. Behold my newest project, 1981 Chevy Malibu, might look sad but the frame is near perfect (a rarity for GM g-bodies) its got really good bones and i already bought a parts car for the entire running gear.
  12. Ah okay, i didn't think about freezing leftover bones, now what's the best method to scrape any scunge on top off when it rises? And again off topic, if things work out well for me in the next month i may have some big car related news that the forum will be second to hear about cheers.
  13. Thanks buddy, i need all the luck and encouragement i can get. Now, with this bone broth is it the bones that you bake to brown or is that meat that you put with them? If i was a betting man i'd say this probably would benefit me in a multitude of ways, seems pretty lean which i would think would be a good kickstarter to shedding a few pounds. I'm going to have to try this when i can round up the supplies. The thing that appeals to me is how convenient it seems portability wise. I'm definitely going to give it a go at some point. Now off topic, I've been meaning to say your mustang is really coming along and i dig it. Looks like you're having the appropriate amount of fun with it, which let's be real that's about half the reason you buy a mustang GT, cheers buddy. As always i appreciate your input on things like this.
  14. Perhaps low impact was the wrong nomenclature, could be i meant high efficiency. But you're definitely right, a year or so ago i took up hiking and dropped 15lbs, made my back a hell of a lot better. I should get back into it, my lifestyle is really staring to wear on me. But yeah i forgot about pools, sadly the only indoor pool around here is in a ymca, of course once i start working that can probably be no issue. My biggest issue has always been keeping at things, maybe having a schedule would help.
  15. Just curious, anybody ever tried omega 3 supplements for joint pain? lately my knees have been getting ungood (quite obvious it's due to my immense mass) i've tried walking to help my unshapeness but my feet issues+weight issues caused me a back issue (train-wreck right?) anyway long story short since other than the weight and joint fuckery my overall health isn't too bad according to physicians so in my eyes the best thing for me would be taking up biking, lead to believe it's good low impact way to help shed some pounds, my diet isn't too shit i just don't move as much as i should. TL;DR Do omega 3 supplements help with joint pain so i can ride a bike and get un-fat?