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  1. The fact that 50% of players are now griefers All I want is to play with people online, that's what GTA Online was made for, instead you get put with a bunch of dicks who think it's a Call of Duty free-for-all and kill everyone they lay there eyes on, or decide to be a dick and destroy your personal vehicle for no reason what so ever, that's all players seem to want to do is just kill each other... and it sucks because you can't get anything done or trust anybody or make new friends online because you're paranoid they're about to get their gun out and and murder your ass for the hell of it... There's deathmatches for a reason so I hope R* makes it so that it doesn't allow player killing or allow players to damage your personal vehicle so that I can actually help out players being chased by the cops or rob a store with somebody for fun instead of joining a game full of bored trolls with nothing better to do because they're to crap at the game to do any missions and they don't have any friends to play with.
  2. Their completely useless servers for GTA Online, they had 5 years planning this, they had two weeks and over billion dollars to work with, knowing how many people would be playing and the scale of it, yet they didn't bother to upgrade their servers even after they couldn't cope with people uploading pictures... I know they said there'd be problems, but it's been six and a half hours and I haven't even played the friggin' thing yet.. It's just stupid... they should have bombarded their servers with data before hand to simulate the amount of people connecting to see if their servers could cope, then they would of seen they couldn't and use those billions to make something that's actually playable.
  3. This is my Ambulance when I drove it to the top of Mt Chiliad This is my Ambulance after I drove it really carefully back down
  4. Oh really? Where abouts on the Airport? I tried some of the parked ones, assumed they were all un-flyable, my bad
  5. I assume most of you have gone to the airport and driven next to the Jumbo Jets that look like 747's and then said to your self (awwe man!) when you realize you can't get in them, well you can! well, not those parked ones at least, but you can fly the ones that land, here's how for those who didn't already know; Go to the airport (Owning a hanger will stop police gunning you down) Wait for the 747 type to land (Haven't tried it with the ones about to take off) It will proceed down to the end of the runway once landed, follow it and wait for it to come to a stop at "Hanger 1" (It'll shut it's engines off) Simply walk up to the Door, hit Triangle or Y, and vuala! Just thought I'd make this for those thinking they're un-flyable, enjoy! (Note I refereed to them as 747 type because they don't have a name, they're simply called "Jet" on the vehicle name thing that pops up)
  6. Good luck stealing a Barracks, you'd have to break into the military base for that, then get away from the Rhino that patrols the area and the horde of heavily armed and accurate marines, Police and helicopters in it
  7. Wade or Lamar, can't decide - Tracey De Santa is pretty funny too with her stereotypical teenage girl moments
  8. They are, but only if you have space for them. They don't, I had a modded Lamborghini type car that I bought with Frankin, abandoned it to do a stranger/freak mission, then when I went back to the garage it wasn't there, wasn't in any of the impounds either
  9. Yeah, I love Rockstar for the ability to buy new Cars/Aircraft with your money, but due to the fact 90% of the time when you drive/fly in GTA you abandon and forget about your vehicle, them disappearing and not respawning makes it pretty redundant and a waste of money, same with vehicle modding. But yeah back on topic if you want one still it should unlock for purchase as you progress through the game, it's the same as with the Weapons and Vehicle parts
  10. Was it in SA where you'd get humorous Police/Ambulance calls on the radio? I don' think any of those settings will effect the police radio, isn't it just nonsensical mumbling and radio sounds anyway?
  11. If you're worried about losing them, then no, at the moment the way you deal with cars you want to keep is pretty much the same as SA, unfortunately.
  12. Bus Drivers don't like horns! So there was me, in a bus, following another AI driven bus around his route (An orange one) when we came to a halt at a red light behind the rail lines in Los Santos, whilst waiting for a green light I get bored and decide to spam my bus' horn at the said bus I was tailing, causing the most GTA bus driver ever (probably an ex Liberty City paramedic) to go into a frenzy as he rams a bike in front out of the way with full acceleration, knocks the guy off of the back, his bus and drives over him with his bike, then trundles onto the sidewalk opposite where I was knocking down lampposts and pedestrians before driving back onto the road shoving every other car out of his way. After I regained my composure from laughing so hard, I tried it again with another AI driven bus, I pulled up behind the bus in my own, spammed the horn, causing this driver to yet again rage but instead of taking it out on everyone and everything, he gets out, yells an insult at me while running to my bus' door, yanks me (Michael) down the steps and kicks me in the face before what I presume quitting his job as he just casually walks off abandoning his bus and passengers. Which brings me to the conclusion, bus drivers in Los Santos really don't like being honked at! Just thought I'd share this experience with you fine people as it was too funny not too! have any of you guys had a similar experience of your own involving raging drivers you'd like to share?
  13. The Police still have their Psychic abilities despite R* saying they improved the Police, I just killed two campers in the wild while far away, sneaking and with a silenced weapon with no witnesses and the police were instantly summoned and just happened to have about 5 cars in the pertinacity - What's the point of the sneak feature and the silenced weapons if they don't do jack? - Also the police are summoned way to easily, 90% if you kill just one ped the police come after you which just isn't GTA.. it's like they're punishing you for playing GTA the way GTA was meant to be played...
  14. I said this way before release, that they need a garage system like in (Yes I am going to mention it) Saints Row, so you can store loads of vehicles you modded, and to get them you just have to walk up to the garage, pick what one you want and then it spawns, and if it's destroyed you just pay a fee and boom it's back! Like in previous GTA games, my awesome rare cars always gather dust in a garage because I don't want to lose them if I take them out (which in GTA is a very common thing especially if you drive as bad as me)
  15. You'd think, but it doesn't seem to hold any logic to what car it stores, it seems to just be a gamble whether or not your car (Whether modded, bought, stolen or what not) will actually be stored - I'm not sure what actually makes the car highlighted for impounding if it's lost