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  1. Just a comparison that I found, may be useful in putting things into perspective. Some pictures of Los Santos from Grand theft auto San Andreas to give sense of scale. Even if the city of Los Santos is smaller than we expected, why worry when there is an expansive country side and towns to explore. Quality > Quantity
  2. I like the look of the airplane screen shot, it seems like Trevor is piloting the large aircraft. I was hoping there would be a Large airplane similar to the one in SA
  3. I want to see myths and legends in the game guess it will add that sense of the ps2 era GTA. For example, UFO's lights in the sky flying in formation in the desert, mysterious ghost cars in the country and even Bigfoot 'maybe not'
  4. Don't see why this guy is ranting about a how bad gta V will be because gta IV didn't meet his high expectations. IV was R* first gta on the current gen consoles, and they were still in their infancy at that time. The gaming engines etc weren't as advanced as they are now, so IV was the most they could possibly do at the time. Just my opinion could be wrong
  5. I'm pretty sure we will have wide selection of clothes, maybe different style clothes for different protagonists. physical changes to the character being hair or tattoos I doubt will be featured.
  6. I think it will just be like GTA Vice City, when you walk through metal detectors at the entrance your guns get left outside (confiscated) until you decide to leave.
  7. don't see how LS is half the size of LC as Banana Pudding describes it keep in mind fog hiding most of the lower urban areas
  8. from the trailer that we have watched can we confirm that the city of Los Santos is the size of IV, SA and RDR combined or it's the map as a whole that is that size ?
  9. This trailer was amazing all three protagonists were very interesting and think I'll like them all equally.