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  1. Then it was a very misleading title.I though that R* was going to talk about how they added so many activities and how they made the map so big. And they did. They said they wanted to make the game as good as it could possibly be. So obviously that includes them wanting to make a very large map filled with lots of fun things to do.
  2. I like how people are complaining just because they were expecting something amazing. Personally I thought it was a good read, and it made me want the game even more, so I'd say it did it's job. And if you didn't like it, the game is still coming out in just 12 days, so how upset can you really be right now?
  3. You know, I never really thought about it until seeing this map. But the rivers connecting to the Alamo Sea technically make parts of the northern areas of the map act as their own separate islands. It probably won't look like that when we're actually in the world though.
  4. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to ride the ferris wheel. Why would they take the time to make it move and operational if we couldn't interact with it? Especially after the whole issue of the ferris wheel and amusement park in GTA IV being completely empty and unusable. I don't think Rockstar will make that same mistake again.
  5. I had a slightly similar idea. I'm going to find a hitchhiker, and pull up next to him like I'm going to let him in, then tease him by driving forward a bit, and seeing how long he'll keep falling for it before I either let him in, or drive off completely.
  6. Anyone else curious about how owning pets will work? The gameplay video showed Chop following Franklin on the street, and Chop also had his own blip on the radar. Do you think it's as simple as he follows you around wherever you go until you bring him back to your house? And if you go too far away from him and lose him, do you think there will be any way of getting him back, or is he gone forever? Also I wonder if we'll be able to command him to attack anyone, or if he only does it automatically when we're in danger.
  7. What do you think that building is up in the hills? It looks much too large to be a house. Based on being able to see where the golf course is down below it, we can establish that this building is located west of the observatory. Anyone have any ideas of what this could be?
  8. What I think would be cool is if you're able to see all (or at least most) of the available expensive cars/weapons/properties etc. right from the start of the game. That way even early on, you'll have the sense of "Wow, I can't wait until I have enough money to buy that." It will just make it that much more important to carefully plan out the heists, because it will be that much sweeter when we successfully pull them off and are able to receive the benefits.
  9. Another small cool thing confirmed from this interview is that Bulldozers are in the game.
  10. That has to be our first real shot of Grapeseed in the shot of the bi plane above Blaine County?
  11. I don't know about anyone else, but the fact that we'll be able to drive the blimp excites me more than any of the other Special/Collectors Edition content.
  12. Has anyone thought about the possibility of doing heists in multiplayer? I have a feeling Rockstar has something very big planned for multiplayer, and with crews being present in this mode, I think heists would be the perfect way to use that.
  13. In my eyes this shot really gives a good sense of how big the scale of the game will be. Just look at how small the cars look compared to the side of the mountain. Now imagine how huge that scenery is going to look from the perspective of one of those vehicles down there. This stretch of road alone has to be at least the entire width of any of the islands in GTA IV, yet this is only but a small fraction of how large the entire world will be. I think the sheer size of this game is going to blow us away.
  14. Wasn't a hotel used as a safehouse in Vice City?
  15. Anyone think it would be cool if you could kind of create your own mini heist anytime you want? Like if you want you're free to walk into a bank whenever and try to rob the place, but of course it will be much more difficult to be successful on your own as with a group.