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  1. BlackSox9


    I wonder how "The Institute" managed to make something as advanced as the human looking androids mentioned in Fallout 3. Maybe they scavenged Alien technology from a crashed mothership or something, so that ( and this is all hugely speculative ) they were able to make some massive technological leaps forward ( i.e. building androids ). Plus this makes me wonder whether the protagonist of Fallout 4 is himself an android and somehow doesn't know it, like he has been given memory implants or something ( like in Blade Runner ). Also remember Vault 112 in Fallout 3 had the Tranquility Lane Virtual Reality Simulators and was said to be one of the last Vaults ever made, and therefore one of the most advanced. I'm guessing that means that Vault 111 must have something more advanced inside it as well, like Stasis/ Cryogenic Pods or something. That must be how the protagonist was able survive for 200 hundred years after the bombs fell.
  2. BlackSox9


    Watching the gameplay montage from the E3 Press Conference, it looks like we'll be fighting the Brotherhood of Steel this time around - Also, judging by the trailer it looks as though Jetpacks are a new modification for Power Armor. Holy Shit!!! -
  3. Can't wait for this, the game's going to be epic. ... Just not as epic as Fallout 4...
  4. New Fallout Teaser Site!!! It's on it's way...

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    2. Ace Of Spades

      Ace Of Spades

      Yay plisken's back!

    3. Ginginho


      Come back... I miss your ranting...

    4. Handsome B Wonderful

      Handsome B Wonderful

      Shit, it's been a while.

  5. BlackSox9

    XBOX One

    Here is a comparison chart for the Frame Rates and Resolutions on some of the Multi-platform and Exclusive Titles for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ~ And here is a graph made by Konami itself to show the resolution and frame rate differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes ( the much smaller prequel to MGS5 ). ~ Apparently there are some some major differences between the Xbox One and PS4 versions of this game. Even though some people have said that the weaker system hardware-wise ( the Xbox One ) would dictate the quality of multi-platform releases. We can clearly see from these graphs that this statement was completely false. With the majority of multi-platform games looking better on the PS4, as well as all PS4 exclusives looking superior to anything on the Xbox One. It's clear to me that the Xbox One will by far be the weakest system of this generation of consoles ( excluding the Wii U/ which I don't count as Next-Gen ). This means that most Xbox One multi-platform games will be of a sub-par quality when compared to it's competition, such as any PS4 versions of the same game ( alongside any PC and Steam Machine versions as well ). Anyone agree/ disagree? Is there any real reason to get an Xbox One?
  6. The X-Files or The Sopranos is better.
  7. BlackSox9

    XBOX One

    There have been some reports of Xbox One's leaking liquids ~
  8. Here's a pic of one of the Hacker's that recently took down Dota 2 and League of Legends ~ ~ Austin Taylor Thompson aka DerpTrolling... Here's a link to all the information known about him so far ~

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    2. BlackSox9


      No bounty, I just hate wannabe hackers fucking with gamers, it's pathetic.

    3. narcolepsy


      This one doesnt seem to be particularly bothered lol

    4. Brian


      Blacksox the video game vigilante omg yay save the gamerz!1!1!!

  9. BlackSox9


    Fallout 1, 2 & Fallout: Tactics are available for free for the next 1 day and 8 hours here ~ Just create a free account and you can download them.
  10. VGX was kinda shit...

    1. Bronson


      It was horrible. It was better as a Televised celebrity fiasco. At least there was cheering when the Awards were announced.

  11. Anyone remember watching this show in the 90's ~

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    2. BlackSox9


      He-Man was great as well, and so was Zoids...

    3. DuPz0r


      He-man & the originals; TMNT; Thundercats; Transformers is what i grew up on.

    4. BlackSox9


      The 90's were a great time to be a kid. I feel sorry for all the kids today that have no quality TV shows for them...

  12. BlackSox9


    Here are a couple of YouTube Vids with some interesting info ( which I haven't heard ) about the Fallout Teaser Site. Makes it seem a lot more legitimate. And now I'm 100% sure that Fallout 4 will be set in Boston, in "The Commonwealth", and involving "The Institute" in some way.
  13. BlackSox9


    Maybe people are finally sick of Mario? I think Nintendo should try and make some new and original IP's. Instead of re-releasing the same tired old Franchises over and over again. I used to love playing the old Super Mario games on the NES and Donkey Kong on the 64'/ Gameboy, but I've moved on from these and I now want a more expansive experience. This doesn't mean that Nintendo shouldn't keep making kids games, but maybe they should think about incorporating a more mature and original experience into some of their games as well.
  14. BlackSox9


    On a more serious note, a man in San Francisco was shot while trying to sell his PS4 ~ http://www.gamespot....4/1100-6416497/
  15. BlackSox9


    6 hours to go...