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  1. I hate these silly threads. Wouldn't it be cool for a new game to come out without having to rehash a bunch of shit from the previous game?
  2. Zombie Outbreak - Survival Tips -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intel: I'm going with the Walking Dead kind of zombies - slow and lumbering, but dangerous in packs. Standard rules apply, you get bit, you get zombified - the dead aren't coming back to life; ie previously killed or people killed by un-zombies are not affected by the reanimation. Outbreak probably started by a proud american fucking a rabid monkey or something. Outbreaks have blown up across the eastern seaboard; the first "infected" bit someone, it spread drastically, wiping out throngs of people everywhere. People seeking to aid bitten loved ones become victims at their own turned love ones attacking them after dying and becoming reanimated. Only way to kill the dead is to destroy. the. brain. Refuge: It would just be Mrs. Person Eater and myself. Provided she doesn't get her ass eaten before she gets home, that's really all I would be concerned about. And my dogs, but they would have to be a secondary priority. My neighborhood is gated and since the power went out due to civilization; driving is limited unless someone smashed out the gate in a panic exposing us to the infection. The gate has been slammed into about a dozen times in NON-zombie instances, so there is a good chance my secure neighborhood would be exposed to zombies and blacks. Good chance most of my idiot neighbors would be turned as they always come outside to investigate every occurrance in the neighborhood. If a zombie walked through our neighborhood and looked out of place, my neighbors would go out and talk to the zombie to see what they're doing in our neighborhood. If the zombie didn't kill them; they would likely call the Home Owner's Association to register a complaint; but the phones would be down. They'd probably organize a meeting with my other neighbors about the zombie and hopefully all be killed and turned at the same time; then go home and kill their idiot spouses and kids. Within a few days, my neighborhood would be crawling with zombies. I live in a townhouse, the bottom level is a garage and there are stairs to get up into the second floor. There is a gate to the stairwell, which is pretty zombie-proof; provided they don't have superstrength or anything. I feel safe now from black people, so I wouldn't feel threatened by zombies wondering around. The windows on the front of my house would provide a great view of the action on the street and the third floor window would provide a bird's eye view of the surrounding neighborhood. I could reach some of my neighbor's townhomes by climbing to my roof and descending to their third floor balconies on the back of the townhomes. I would be able to salvage enough food and supplies from the neighborhood homes to last for a while. My wife also has a shitton of canned vegetables that I complain we have too many of, but would be very grateful for in this situation. My townhome is on a river, so if there was an emergency, we could escape by canoe/kayaks out the backyard. Not sure where we would go from there, but it would provide a temporary escape from a deadly situation. We keep a car in the garage, which we could load up without being exposed to zombie threat if the neighborhood was overrun. This would be the ideal situation if an immediate need for escape arose. Rationing: Everything would obviously be rationed. Meals would be limited to the food in the house. In the event of the inevitable power loss, everything in the fridge and freezer would be first to go in a feast type setting. Meals from then out would consist of canned vegetables other grains. The river would provide water would could be boiled in the event of running water or bottled water being unavailable. I mentioned scavenging neighbor's homes for supplies; but there are also three grocery stores within five miles of my house. Provided they aren't cleaned out during the mass panic; they would be optimum sources of supplies. I imagine they would all be easily accessed with force, but the hardest one would be the one in the bad part of town with the roller shades to keep the blacks out. I'd also scavenge homes for supplies. I'd travel light and alone. Taking only what is needed for survival. I would definitely check out my dealer's house and hope to find some major weight in weed. I would definitely want to have an incredible drug source to get me through the apocalypse. I would probably try and make daily runs for food, even to store. I'd search for any kind of firearm and ammo I could find as well. Defence/Offence: Currently, if the zombie apocalypse popped off, I would be in short supply of weapons. I have an assortment of bats, knives and blunt instruments that I could use as melee weapons. My weapon of choice would have to either be my t-ball bat that I keep by the bed or the wood axe in the garage. I have a .22 rifle; but I would not want to rely on it for long-term survival. It would be good at dispatching potential looters or dickhead neighbors. I hope it would be reliable enough to drop a couple of zombies provided I could knock out a few headshots. I would be able to setup a "sniper outage" I have friends that have small arsenals and I would probably try and make a trip to their homes to stock up, provided they are dead or the undead. I think a shotgun would be optimal for zombies as the more firepower per square inch would be the best option. I would be weary about teaming up with anyone and would likely be willing to kill someone for their stuff or if I felt threatened in anyway. If it was someone I knew it might be a different story, otherwise I wouldn't feel safe with them in the current situation.
  3. I've been on a Skyrim hiatus as well. I still need to go see what's up with the quest "The Throat of the World" and finish that aspect of the storyline. Outside of that, I still have Dark Brotherhood quests, Daedric Artifacts to collect and shit to steal for the Thieve's Guild. I think I am subconciously not playing because I don't want it to be over. I'm waiting for a DLC announcement!
  4. I spent sometime yesterday with the original Assassin's Creed. I still have a shitton of flags to collect and I have been neglecting it for the longest time. Also Templars to kill. Spent a good 3-4 hours last night with a couple maps and flag guides. The combat in AC is still my favorite, simple yet very elegant. I'm also about to get back into Brotherhood to play the DLC and do some cleanup on the other achievements. After I finish that, I will get Assassin's Creed Revelations. It'll probably be about $20 used by that point.
  5. I saw the trailer, wasn't really impressed. Far Cry 2 left a really sour taste in my mouth. I loved the game, the graphics, the guns, but I hated the AI so much. It really ruined the game for me. I would be out hunting diamonds and then all of a sudden a bunch of blacks would roll up on me and just start shooting. Leave me alone Africans! I really couldn't get into the story. Aside from finding the Jackal, I could give a shit about the skirmish between the two factions, I couldn't keep track of who I was working for - and they all wanted to kill me anyways. Some of the missions were fun and challenging, but the open world environment was plagued by respawing baddies who just wanted to kill me, even if I was helping out their faction. The fire was amazing. I remember burning fields and fields and fields. Fuck the zebras. I thought the swimming was also exceptional and also enjoyed finding the different vehicles like the hangglider. Hmm, maybe I'll scoop Far Cry 2 up again and give it another shot, but I sure as fuck don't have the patience for a new Far Cry right now.
  6. Ah, I didn't even think about that. How can I go back?
  7. I've been meaning to get back to New Vegas, but I have been all Skyrim lately. I have the OWB to finish and I've downloaded Lonesome Road. Just need MORE TIME.
  8. Me and my friends, riding around town, fucking girls and then leaving them on the side of the road.
  9. Gah, I am not going to touch this topic with a 10-foot pole.
  10. All them are gay except: 5. Stoic 21 up, 106 down 2) To compulsively stare at women's breasts to the point where it creeps them out. Also, this makes me want to change my name to Wizard Crystals. i win... Me too. Woot.
  11. Don't forget the speech exploit in Riften. The dude at the meadery will take you to 100 with his glitch. Just press X/A 1,000,000 times. Speech is a good skill to have, makes prices better, plus you can persuade everyone. Also, the perks in the speech tree are pretty nice at helping you generating mad money.
  12. Tolfir's something or other. I have it in my inventory as well. I think I've already completed a quest where he is looking for it, but it's still in my inventory. Last night I took my Illusion to 100 and Alteration went from 60-something to 80, so making good progress. I just "detect life" everywhere. I maxed out my enchanting perk as well, so now I can start my ULTIMATE enchanted armor that I will bother naming and carrying around, atleast long enough to level up enough to start creating daedric armor. The few weapons I've found don't compare in damage to my glass weapons, if I can upgrade them, I will be UNSTOPPABLE. Last night I stayed up until 2AM doing a TON of side quests, thieves guild quests, and finally did Alduin's Wall, leveled up a shitton and never got to initiate the Dark Brotherhood questline like I meant to. Before I went to bed, I saved, standing over a bed, so I can go to sleep in the game.
  13. It's not the main quest; just kind of a war at certain locations. It will change cities and who is in charge, but I don't think it's considered main storyline. To be honest, not sure what the fuck the main storyline is. I'm guessing it has something to do with the amount of butterflies I can catch. One of the biggest contenders for DLC imo. Dragon cock?
  14. Dragon Armor is both heavy and light. Both require a shitton of scales. SAVE YOUR DRAGON SCALES. Dragon bones aren't as sparse, but you need the scales to upgrade both kinds of armor. Kind of pissed there are no dragon weapons. I would like to stab someone to death with a dragon's penis.
  15. I only want the Daedric Armor for the perks. Like I said, probably next playthrough. I'm maxing out my enchanting and smithing perks next and I am just going to focus on the maximum I can get out of light armor and glass weapons. There is also a perk in the Light Armor tree to make it weightless. I would like to get this for the dragon scale armor I have.
  16. Finally beat the Civil War quest. Why couldn't I kill Ulfric and just take over Skyrim for myself? No one can touch me. Glad that bit of mass warfare is over. I should have used more destruction/conjuration magic when clearing all the forts/cities. I used my bow to clear out the archers on the towers of the fort/city and then charged in with my sword and just killed everyone in my way. I couldn't really tell the difference between soldiers when everyone was fighting. I should have just spammed the fuck out of fireballs. I have armor and jewelry that almost instantly recharges my magic after use and I wouldn't really have to worry about the splash damage from the fireballs. I wish I could have had the option to clear the forts on my own for the last few forts, Stormcloak soldiers are useless and get in the way. I guess they did draw some attention from the soldiers, but if it was just me, they would have never known I was there until I stuck the shiv in their neck. Also, shivs are my new favorite close range weapon. I'm at level 60, my smithing, sneaking, speech, enchanting are all at 100. I'm trying to plan my next few level up perks a little better. I originally went the light armor route, and now I am regretting not being able to craft daedric armor. I may just wait until my next character to be able to do so, but I just found a daedric helmet and it's awesome. If I start finding more weapons and such, I am going to be sad I cannot make them as epic or legendary as possible.
  17. I told you it wasn't for girls. GTFO, noob. In other news, I have a marathon gaming session planned this evening. Not sure if I am going to play this or wrap up the MW3 campaign.
  18. I'm sorry, did no one see my post about shitty pants?
  19. Rockstar doesn't make mistakes. I think the OP made a mistake posting so many stupid topics. Max Payne 3 has been announced for well over a year.
  20. I like how excited everyone is getting about adding gas. It won't happen. How the hell is there a thread about this (again)?
  21. Fucking christ. I LOVE these threads. That would be so cool if you had to fill up your car in the game. You could go to the gas station and pull up like you are going to pump gas, then you get out and there is like, an animation of you pumping gas and then you can walk inside and get a scratch off lotto ticket and a frozen fruit drink. It would also be just as cool to make you have to take shits after you eat food, so while you are at the gas station, you can wait in line to use their bathroom, but if you run out of stomach space, you shit your pants and then you have crusty pants and have to get a new pair because you can't walk anymore.
  22. Yeah, I would hate having to drive somewhere at lightning speed and there were already a shitton of cars on the road. GTA is about driving fast, not sitting in traffic. They might as well put a car seat and crying kid in the backseat to make it more miserable.
  23. I played 6 hours last night and knocked out two or three more of the Civil War quests. Same shit, go here, see him, go see scouts, kill everyone, go back there, come back here. I have to break them up with other quests.
  24. This week, I borrowed a copy of MW3, received a copy of Halo Anniversary, picked up Black Ops, Trivial Pursuit, and Borderlands and alI could play this weekend is Skyrim (aside from playing TP with Mrs. Person Eater). I'm in the middle of the war, but I keep getting distracted from going back and telling someone that I fucking killed everyone. "Oh, you're done killing everyone? Go see this dickhead and let him know you're done killing everyone." Ok. Fast travel somewhere to let the dickhead know everyone is dead. "Thank you for killing everyone in that city. Here is a supershitty sword for your efforts. Now go and talk to the dickhead that sent you here and get the next location of the place where you're going to meet up with some useless scouts that you're probably going to kill with your rain of fireballs and arrows, then kill everyone else and their dogs and horses. When you're done, go see the dickhead that sent you to meet the scouts, that I sent you to go see after he sent you to come see me after you killed everyone and went and told him that they were dead and he was glad because he had told you to go meet with the scouts when you went and saw him because I had told you to go see him for the mission. I'll dig around in the shitter for a weapon to give you when you get back. See you soon." But I am still loving the game.
  25. I will wait a long time to play this game. I still have RE5 DLC to beat and then RE4 HD and then maybe the RE: Racoon City or whatever the fuck the game coming out in the next month or so. So, maybe 2014? Also, what the fuck with all the Resident Evil games? RE5 was barely stomachable, if this is another co-op action game, fucking forget it. With two male leads (and a possible third, HUNK?) that's likely going to be the case. Also, in the trailer, was that the president's daughter HELP ME LEON? If so, no buy. Also, I don't want to deal with the plague, I want fucking zombies that don't ride motorcycles or shoot guns. I want ONIMUSHA! Concentrate on that Capcom, for Samanoske sake.